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0001149KdenliveUser Interfacepublic2009-09-17 13:052010-01-25 14:39
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Summary0001149: Improved zoom in/out function on playback position - cubase/nuendo like
DescriptionIn Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo you can do the following:

Move the playback position with the mouse in the ruler area above the tracks. (As it is now in kdenlive, left mouse button, drag left and drag right.)
Holding down the left mouse button and dragging down zooms in on the current position and dragging up zooms out. This is the quickest and most intuitive way of zooming in track related applications I have ever seen and I couldn't live without it when I'm doing audio productions.
Would be cool if kdenlive could do that as well!
You don't have to leave the current position just for zooming, so you're much quicker.
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j-b-m (administrator)
2009-09-17 15:37

You can currently zoom in/out by doing Ctrl + mouse wheel in timeline. I guess that is ok, no?
tbartdev (reporter)
2009-09-22 15:39

Well yes, I know that. Still it is another mouse button and an additional button to press. I don't want to be nit-picky, so if you think my suggestion is not worth considering just ignore it, that's OK.
I just find it really useful in studio work as you can move about and zoom in and out then move to another part, zoom in, zoom out, everything without ever doing anything else than just moving your mouse.
j-b-m (administrator)
2009-09-22 19:25

Ok, now implemented in svn, please test
tbartdev (reporter)
2009-09-23 14:50

That was fast...
We're nearly there. Now you can decide whether you want to zoom (up/down) or move the playback position (left/rigth).
The way I meant it to work was that you can hold the mouse button and perform either of the two movements/functions without releasing the button in between.
Keep up the good work!
kavol (reporter)
2010-01-04 14:55

"The way I meant it to work was that you can hold the mouse button and perform either of the two movements/functions without releasing the button in between."

well, this is the worst thing about UI I can think of at the moment :-(

in fact, I was just going to file a bug about inability to switch off this mouse up/down zoom feature, as it makes me mad when I drag at the ruler, but for some reason the software decides that the movement is vertical and starts to change the zoom instead

extending this so that *every* movement would be able to change zoom would make the ruler unusable for me - I don't know if you are superman, me not, so I am not able to drag the mouse perfectly on a X axis line

(don't get me wrong - I'm not against the feature if it helps somebody; but _please_ do that configurable, and I suggest the default to be off, as I don't believe there is that much supermen)
j-b-m (administrator)
2010-01-22 13:17

This feature is now disabled by default, can be enabled in the "Display" page of the config dialog
tbartdev (reporter)
2010-01-25 14:39

uploaded a video detailing how steinberg does it.

I did the capture on a notebook with a touchpad. no need to be a superman for this, but I also saw that I forgot to mention that the Y motion is not considered a zooming action as long as the pointer stays in the ruler area.
You can see me also moving a little up while I move left and right and still the zoom level does not change.

If you move your mouse left-right while holding down the button and you are in the track area, you indeed have some zoom in/out action when you're not a superman. Personally I don't mind if my zoom level changes by a few percent.
But as you can see in the capture you can avoid that anyway.

Sorry for having been so unclear about the feature in the first place.
I think the capture really makes it clear now. (And believe me: once you got used to it you never want to miss it again!)

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