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0001311KdenliveUser Interfacepublic2009-11-24 21:512009-11-30 19:37
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Summary0001311: Spacer tool and accurate moving
DescriptionI think the spacer tool hates me. But this just as a side mark.

This time it isn't about bashing it but about improving it (because indeed did it manage to move over 50 clips correctly for once, or at least didn't I see the corruption yet). (jbm, thanks for fixing all that by the way!)

It absolutely needs another way for accurate positioning.

I recently (a few minutes ago) had some short clips and one very long one. I tried to move them by about 70 frames. Unfortunately the selection was moved to start at the beginning of the spacer tool cursor, so I had to zoom out to get it back there where I wanted it to have. But when zoomed out everything is terribly inaccurate. And for my needs every frame is important.



Now if I drag the 5th clip in the first track it looks like that (c is my cursor):


Although I dragged the 5th clip and not the first frame of the 1st clip in the second track.

Suggestion: We've still the Ctrl button, right? So the Spacer tool could for example set kind of a guideline (I'll call it marker now) with Ctrl-Click. And a second marker again with Ctrl-Click. Markers are movable like guide lines, for exact adjusting. The first one is called «Spacer source», the other «Spacer destination».

The markers define the offset the clips are to be moved by.

So if the source marker is at frame 400 and the destination marker is at frame 500, the <offset> is 100 frames. Moving one of the markers continuously displays the new offset between the two markers.

Now use the spacer tool without Ctrl. It moves the selected clips, but only in steps of <offset> frames. Ideally the position of the clips is not changed as described above, the beginning of them onto the mouse cursor ;)

A final Ctrl-Click removes the two markers again.

Just my idea.
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j-b-m (administrator)
2009-11-25 22:24
edited on: 2009-11-25 22:25

I tried to fix the most annoying issue with the spacer tool. It now behaves correctly (you can drag without all clips moving to your cursor), and it should behave correctly with snap points, so that you can put the timeline cursor where you need to move the clips and use the spacer tool to move them to the timeline cursor.

By the way, the Ctrl + click in spacer tool is already used and allows to move clips from one track only. Can you try to update (svn 4149) and let me know if it works correctly for you now or if you still need adjustments to the tool?

Granjow (developer)
2009-11-26 20:43

Confirmed, videos do not jump anymore. Ctrl+drag to move clips on only one track works too.

I would nevertheless look forward to seeing the spacer tool snapping in all <offset> frames :) Does the context menu (right click) care which tool is selected? Or no, shortcuts are better. Shift+Ctrl+Click for setting the offset markers? Plus perhaps a field somewhere to enter the offset as a number, if required.

If you don't have time for doing that or don't feel like, I could perhaps try it in February or so.

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