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0001375KdenliveEffectspublic2010-01-07 22:032010-03-30 16:27
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Summary0001375: Wish: plugin for 3D Video/rendering
DescriptionThere is a big wave right now for 3D due to Avatar; at work we mounted two HD Flip cameras to a piece of wood and shot video to render in 3D.

While its probably possible to pull out the Red and the Blue from each of the two video streams, Final Cut Pro has a plugin and I think it would be very cool (and good for KDEnlive) if KDEnlive also had a similar plugin.

The plugin basically makes each video track semi-transparent so that both can be seen at once, and then the plugin would pull out Red or Blue from one track or the other.
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thatonefilmguy (reporter)
2010-03-24 14:49

What you are talking about is anaglyph 3D, which composites the red and blue channels on top of one another.

Avatar, and other 3D movies coming out now use polarized lenses instead to produce a much more realistic effect than anaglyphs can provide. 3D tv sets coming out also use different technology (special glasses with very fast shutters, essentially). The 3D anaglyphs you are talking about are quickly becoming a remnant of the past.

So any 3d effect that would be relevant in future 3D video production would really require advanced 3D editing, not just the (relatively) simple 3D anaglyph effect you described.
el_jefe (reporter)
2010-03-30 16:27

> What you are talking about is anaglyph 3D...
> ...3D movies coming out now use polarized lenses instead

Yes, I know the technology is different and much less realistic with the old-style Red and Blue lenses, but it would still be a fun feature to have, and one that may help promote the capabilities of KDEnlive even if very few people use it. Just another bullet point on the capabilities of KDEnlive.

I know I could find some red and blue glasses somewhere, but I don't expect to be able to purchase a 3D television anytime soon, nor the equipment to make the new-fangled 3D movies. Cheezy effects or not, people would still enjoy it and the possibility of doing a 3D movie on their own.

Deny the request if you like, but I am still requesting this functionality :) Thanks for KDEnlive!

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