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0001603KdenliveRenderingpublic2010-05-17 16:122010-07-20 11:17
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Platform32 bit intel and alikeOSUbuntu LinuxOS Version9.10
Product Version0.7.7.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001603: Empty Video Track after rendering MJPEG with Kdenlive
DescriptionKdenlive: f=avi codec=mjpeg b=4000k qscale=1 acodec=pcm_u8
-> Empty Video Track

Ffmpeg: /usr/bin/ffmpeg -i "/home/dummy.ffv1.avi" -f avi -vcodec mjpeg -b 4000kb -qscale 1 -acodec pcm_u8 "/home/dummy.mjpeg.avi"
-> Correct MJPEG file
Additional Information   1. Check that you don't have several versions of MLT installed -> OK, Version 0.5.0
   2. Try playing your video file with FFmpeg's player. From a terminal: ffplay myvideo.mpg -> OK
   3. Try playing your video file with MLT's player. From a terminal: melt myvideo.mpg -> Hangs up
   4. Download this simple project file (containing color clips): test_file.kdenlive and play it with MLT's player: melt test_file.kdenlive -> Hangs up
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ttill (developer)
2010-06-04 20:52

Looks like your MLT install is broken.
Can you try upgrading to 0.5.4?
cobaasta (reporter)
2010-06-10 15:40

Couldn't yet upgrade to 0.5.4.
On my System (Ubuntu 32 bit 9.10 Karmic Koala) i couldn't install the latest MLT from source. Managed to compile, but failed on make...

Will try again once i have too much time or as soon as there is a easy installer for ubuntu avaiable (already spent over a day with installing latest ffmpeg, x264 and libtheora)!
cobaasta (reporter)
2010-07-08 15:01

Upgraded to MLT 0.5.4 (with Ubuntu 10.04 this was easy...)

4. Download this simple project file (containing color clips): test_file.kdenlive and play it with MLT's player: melt test_file.kdenlive -> OK
cobaasta (reporter)
2010-07-08 15:24

Problem still occurs

Kdenlive: f=avi codec=mjpeg b=4000k qscale=1 acodec=pcm_u8
-> Corrupt file (size only 9.7kB), Movie Player says: Could not demultiplex stream.
ttill (developer)
2010-07-19 11:56

What about other formats/codes?
And does it maybe work without the qscale option?
cobaasta (reporter)
2010-07-20 11:17

The Problem occured with several other codecs too.
Meanwhile i render in kdenlive only with ffv1 codec.
Then i re-render the ffv1 file with ffmpeg, and all codecs and settings which didn't work within kdenlive directly work fine...

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