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0001784KdenliveUser Interfacepublic2010-08-31 06:182010-09-01 19:09
Assigned Tottill 
Platform32-bit intelOSubuntu linuxOS Version9.10
Product VersionRecent git 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001784: Can't Paste a Clip Via Edit Menu
DescriptionIt is impossible to paste a clip by using Paste in the Edit menu. However using Ctrl+V does work some of the time, and right clicking on the timeline and selecting Paste also works. This is bound to confuse kdenlive newbies.

Using svn 4782.
Steps To Reproduce- Create new project and add a color clip.
- Drag color clip to timeline, copy it.
- Try to paste via Paste in the Edit menu. Note it can't be done.
- Try pasting via Ctrl-V and note it works sometimes, and sometimes you get the "Cannot paste selected clips" message.
- Try pasting by right clicking on timeline and selecting Paste. Note it works depending on where you click in the timeline.
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Build/Install MethodManual build from SVN
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j-b-m (administrator)
2010-09-01 07:36

Have not tested yet but what happens might be a consequence of the 'Paste' logic in Kdenlive:

if you paste using ctrl+v or through timeline context menu, Kdenlive tries to paste it at mouse position.

But if you try to paste through the 'edit' menu, since mouse is not in timeline, it tries to paste it at the timeline cursor position(the vertical line in timelne) on the highlighted track(the one that is painted in light rose).

I unhderstand that this might be confusin but have not foun a better way ofmanaging the different situations... if you have an idea for improvement or think there is a bug in the implementation,let us know...
ttill (developer)
2010-09-01 16:42

@jb: It did only try to use right click position or mouse position.

Should be fixed in svn r4802 by using selected track + timeline cursor position as fallback. Please test.
tidris769 (reporter)
2010-09-01 18:06

It works much better in svn 4803. However I still see some problems.

If the timeline cursor is as far right as it can be, pasting via Edit menu fails sometimes and works sometimes. I think it should always work in that situation.

Also, Ctrl-V is shown in the Edit menu as a shortcut for the Paste command in that menu. So I think users expect Ctrl-V to behave exactly as if Paste had been selected in the Edit menu. Currently it doesn't do that because for Ctrl-V the paste position is based on current mouse coordinate instead of timeline cursor + selected track.

Also, kdenlive is unusual in that the Paste operation can fail. I can't think of another program where Paste can fail when the command is enabled in the Edit menu. I think it would be more intuitive if kdenlive tried really hard to make the command succeed, such as by shoving aside existing clips in the timeline to make space for the ones being pasted if necessary.

Finally I would change the "Cannot paste selected clips" error message to simply "Cannot paste clips". That's because there might be one or more clips selected in the timeline at the time paste is attempted, and a Paste failure typically has nothing to do with them.
tidris769 (reporter)
2010-09-01 18:25
edited on: 2010-09-01 19:11

I noticed Ctrl-V is also shown as a shortcut for Paste in the right click menu. Since Paste in Edit menu behaves different than Paste in the right click menu I think Ctrl-V should not appear in both places. Choose which behavior Ctrl-V really stands for and then only show Cltl-V in the menu that matches that behavior.

tidris769 (reporter)
2010-09-01 19:09

I think what I would do is remove Ctrl-V from the right click menu and rename Paste there to "Paste Here" to make it clear it isn't the same kind of Paste as in the Edit menu. Then make Ctrl-V match the behavior of the standard Paste in the Edit menu.

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