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0001885KdenliveBuild Systempublic2010-11-18 03:422010-11-20 08:54
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Platform32 bit intel and alikeOSUbuntu LinuxOS Version9.04
Product Version0.7.8 
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Summary0001885: Cropping video clip duration not working!
DescriptionWhen I right click a video clip in the timeline and select edit duration, I set the 'crop start' parameter to a further point in the video clip in order to start the added video from a point past the beginning. I then do the same for the 'crop end' parameter in order to stop playing the video clip at a point before the actual end of the video clip. Even though the video's duration is cropped the project monitor plays the video from the begging of the clip rather than the time that a set for the 'crop start' parameter.

For example: The video clip I've added to my project is 3 minutes and 6 seconds long. I only want to show a portion of the clip starting from the 1 minute 44 second point to the 1 minute 54 second point. That means the the portion that I want to show in the project is going to be 10 seconds long.

Now that I've given an example I can tell you in detail what happens when I play the clip. At first it plays the correct portion, but when I save and exit the project, restart kdenlive, and load my project, the project monitor plays the cropped video clip from it's 0 point rather than it's 00:01:44:00 point. I even check the video clip's duration and the 'crop start' parameter is still set to 00:01:44:00, but the 'crop end' parameter is set to, for example, 00:01:12:00 which doesn't make any since since the end point time is before the start time point. When I manually reset it back to 00:01:54:00 and apply, I check it again only to see that it has been set back to 00:01:12:00 again.

This happens no matter how I 'cut' the video clip, whether I'm using the razor tool or editing directly from the edit duration window.
Steps To ReproduceStep 1: Add a video clip to your project.

Step2: Add the video clip to your timeline by dragging and dropping it into a video track.

Step 3: Either right click the video clip in the timeline and use the edit duration tool to crop the video's start and end point, or do the same with the razor tool.

Step 4: Check the videos duration by right clicking the video in the timeline and select edit duration to see if the 'crop end' parameter is less than the 'crop start' parameter.

Step 5: Regardless of the result of step 4, play your project in the project monitor. Usually it should play the correct portion of the video clip.

Step 6: Save your project and restart kdenlive.

Step 7: Open your project and check the video clip in the timeline's duration to insure if the video has supposedly been cropped by right clicking it and selecting edit duration. Play your project in the project monitor to see that it plays the video from it's 00:00:00:00 point rather than the one you chose.

Step 8: Throw your computer up against the wall.

Step 9: Pull your hair out.

Step 10: Open your front door and scream as loud as you can until the neighbors start calling the police.

Step 11: Calm down.

Step 12: Report the issue to before the police arrive.
Additional InformationThe video clips that I'm using in my project are .mkv format.
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ddennedy (developer)
2010-11-20 08:54

Unable to reproduce. What you are doing is a very simple and fundamental thing that users have been doing successfully for years. Maybe the problem is the ability to seek on your format, but I have some MKVs that work fine. Maybe the problem is some subtlety in your thorough description that is not clear.

p.s. Crop End is the amount to take from the end, not the out point.

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