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0001893KdenliveUser Interfacepublic2010-11-21 21:582011-06-10 10:50
Assigned Toddennedy 
PlatformKubuntu 10.10OSLinuxOS Versioni686 kernel 2.6.
Product VersionRecent git 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.8 
Summary0001893: Jog shuttle navigation improvement
DescriptionCurrently the jog shuttle is detected, and sort of tracked.

I took this code to improve on
- jog shuttle speed range improved (still hard-coded in code) and using all 7 magnitudes of the shuttle now;
- detection on the shuttle rest position (JOG_STOP);
- take care of wrapping job position counter to not go backwards a frame at that point.
Additional InformationI have tested and used this on my platform with a Contour ShuttlePRO v2. I have no other hardware to test this.
TagsNo tags attached.
Build/Install MethodManual build from SVN
Attached Filesgz file icon shuttle_speeds.patch.gz [^] (3,347 bytes) 2010-11-21 21:58
gz file icon shuttle_speeds_v2.patch.gz [^] (2,847 bytes) 2010-11-22 03:23

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ddennedy (developer)
2010-11-22 02:01

Few things wrong in this patch:
- indentation should 4 spaces only - not a mix of tabs and spaces and I saw a 2 space indent in other places.
- there are unrelated changes to LinuxCOM.h and renderer.cpp despite whatever warnings they may clear
- I can easily fix the above two myself, but the biggest problem is that it does not apply - every hunk failed!

Do you believe this change may break the jog/shuttle for which the original code is written? (I forget what that was, and I did not write the existing code.)
fleury (reporter)
2010-11-22 02:46

will fix the two issues (indentation and removal of the unrelated changes).
Note that with my version of gcc, the code would not compile without the virtual destructor uncommented though.

I think I know the problem of the hunks failing: git diff does not by default get the paths right. I will resubmit a new patch with these fixed too.

Will you take care of the commented virtual destructor ?
fleury (reporter)
2010-11-22 03:24

Can you try again with the new patch ?
Forgive me if this still does not apply, as I am not sure what relative paths should be used in there.
ddennedy (developer)
2010-11-22 04:13

Nevermind about the hunk failures, it does work with -p2; I was using -p1. It's not a git thing, but usually patch gives a different error when it can not locate the files. I will give it a test.
ddennedy (developer)
2010-11-22 09:33

The patch is working very well for me.
Now, for the buttons, see MainWindow::slotShuttleButton(). Why is it mapping from 5 instead of 1? (I know that is not your code.)
ddennedy (developer)
2010-11-22 09:39

Re previous comment, button 1 in the settings is triggered by button 5 on the Contour ShuttlePro.
ddennedy (developer)
2010-11-22 09:52

In MainWindow::slotShuttleAction() I find this handy:

+ case 2:
+ slotSwitchMonitors();
+ break;

Note: the "Cut" action is not currently implemented. A cut action should call slotCutTimelineClip().
fleury (reporter)
2010-11-22 10:15

Oh, I thought I did not change this button behavior. In any case, for me the buttons were more or less useless, so I did not (yet) bother.
For that (button mapping), I am preparing another patch to have a better mapping from jogshuttle events to actual actions. I can elaborate on the path I want to take on that, but probably not in this bug.
ddennedy (developer)
2010-11-22 22:01

Re the commented virtual destructor in LinuxCOM.h. I agree it is correct to uncomment that, and I was surprised to see it, but here is the SVN commit that resulted in that: [^]
fleury (reporter)
2010-11-23 00:02

I guess the ShuttlePRO has the same numbering of buttons as my ShuttlePROv2. In this case, the row at the top are the buttons 1 (left) to 4 (right), then the second row a bit closer to the shuttle are buttons 5 to 9.
On my machine, the settings are working as expected.
ddennedy (developer)
2010-11-23 03:02

In ShuttleThread::key() the first key (top left, as you describe) code is 256. Due to MainWindow::slotShuttleButton()'s switch going from 5 - 9, that makes the top row of buttons unusable. Put a fprintf in ShuttleThread::key() and see what code you get for the top row of buttons.
ddennedy (developer)
2010-11-23 20:44

Per JB's confirmation, I can commit this patch. Is there an update or anything else you wanted in this patch before I go ahead?
ddennedy (developer)
2010-11-24 04:53

I noticed a bug:
Object::connect: No such slot MonitorManager::stop()

Since the patch has been working without JogShuttle::stop successfully connected to anything, the solution is to simply remove that line from mainwindow.cpp.
ddennedy (developer)
2010-11-24 04:57

Applied patch to svn commit 5115.

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