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0002066KdenliveUser Interfacepublic2011-03-17 00:322011-03-17 01:02
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Platformi686OSDebianOS Version6.0 ("Squeeze")
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Summary0002066: kdenlive requests default project folder - what for?
DescriptionKdenlive insists on a default project folder being specified and attempts to create it if necessary.

What for? I like to maintain one directory *per project*, which contains:
* The .kdenlive project file
* The "ladspa", "thumbs" and "titles" subdirectories
* The clips used in the project (although these can sometimes also live outside the directory hierarchy of the project)

With a workflow like that, the default project folder is actually never needed. This translates to me having to maintain a "dummy" directory on my harddrive for kdenlive which I never use. What's worse is that because there is that default folder, I sometimes forget to specify a project folder for a new project. It is then only well into the project that I realize that the thumbs for that project live in a totally different location than I expected.

I see two possible solutions:

* Ask the user for a project folder only when a new project is created, and then use it only for that project.

* Or: Assume the project folder to be the folder where the .kdenlive project file itself is located. I personally do not see any need for the flexibility of maintaining the .kdenlive file in a different folder than the "project folder", which is specified in the .kdenlive file anyway.

For both scenarios, it would no longer be necessary to tease the user about a non-existing project folder whenever kdenlive is started (even when it's without a specific project). This teasing occurs, for example, when the default project folder is located on an external harddrive which might not be connected at the time of kdenlive startup. Not an unusual scenario for video editing, I'd say.
Steps To ReproduceI think this should be obvious from the above description.
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floholl (reporter)
2011-03-17 01:02

Thinking about it a bit more, I think I would prefer the following solution:

* Discard the "default project folder" altogether, as suggested above

* Instead, ask the user to specify the project folder for each project separately. Do so whenever s/he creates a new project, with the option of creating a new directory for this purpose. This action will then create the "ladspa", "thumbs" and "titles" subdirs as well as the .kdenlive project file in the specified folder.

I think this would be better than doing it vice versa, i.e. asking the user where to save the project file and then creating the subdirs in that folder. Why? Because if I have to specify a project *folder* as a user, I am more likely to expect that subdirs will be created in that folder, whereas if I am asked to specify a *file*, I would not necessarily expect subdirs to be created in that file's location.

I have never understood the separation of project folders and project file location in Kdenlive. Often, I'll create a new project (hopefully remembering that I need to override the default project folder), start working, and then when I first want to save, I'll be surprised, like "haven't I already done that?". But of course I only have specified the project path when "creating" the project, as opposed to actually creating the project file.

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