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0002101KdenliveRenderingpublic2011-04-24 09:152011-05-05 11:33
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PlatformUbuntuOSOS Version10.10 x64
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Summary0002101: Only 1 CPU is used when rendering a project/proxy creation
DescriptionHave been rendering fine with Kdenlive for a while. Came to do a small project yesterday and found it was taking ages to render. Estimated time stays on about 1 minute 48 seconds, left it for about 30 mins before cancelling and it was on about 4%. The project is about 1 min 20 long, outputting to 1920x1080 MPEG4 as I always do.

What I found with this project is that only 1 CPU (Core i7) is being used at 100%, normally all CPUs are being used at around 60-70%. The 100% usage of 1 core moves between all 8 of them, which is bizarre. It stays on each one for around a minute, then the 100% starts on another.

Have checked the CPU count is set to 8 BTW

I am running Ubuntu x64 10.10 with packages built by sunab as of 23/04/11
Steps To ReproduceJust render a project. Have tried different formats as well, all seem to have the same effect
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Build/Install Method3rd party package
Attached Filespng file icon Screenshot.png [^] (165,408 bytes) 2011-04-24 09:15

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moorsey (reporter)
2011-04-24 09:50

OK, I think there are 2 issues here. I started deleting bits out of the project and found 1 clip that when I removed it, the project started rendering fine, faster than not at all anyway. So looks like I have a bad bit of video, which I need to clean up, not sure how?!

The single CPU issue remains though, I am positive this didn't use to work like this, maybe someone can confirm either way?!
moorsey (reporter)
2011-04-24 12:09

Re-encoded the faulty video file, inserted it and all now working as expected, much higher mutli CPU usage etc etc.

Not sure what was wrong with the original video file! Sorry for the noise, this can be closed
moorsey (reporter)
2011-05-05 11:33

Possible issue with rendering MTS at 3200% speed. I rendered file the clips went black, just sound remained. If I render the files to MPEG4 and re-insert them to the project, then it renders fine

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