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0002190KdenliveRenderingpublic2011-06-25 11:062011-07-28 18:20
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Platform32 bit intel and alikeOSDebian LinuxOS Version4.0
Product VersionRecent git 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002190: HDV + DV cannot render because latest code loads old render profile
Descriptionv11 Builder Wizard used to produce 0.8.1 under AV Linux 5.0

Render profile changed on 7 June 2011:;a=commit;h=d8a3a5c9190646aae72048f71a39ee7446a3bd45 [^]

`mlt_profile=' is used in current code
`profile=' is used in old code

The AV Linux Live-DVD used to install this distribution contains kdenlive 0.8. It's render profile is located at:

SVN render profile is located at:

This show-stopper affects all:
HDV profiles
Raw DV profiles
AVI DV profiles

Other profiles may also be affected if any of the code has changed.
Steps To Reproduce1 Install new system from AV Linux 5.0 Live-DVD
2 Acquire Builder Wizard v11 & run to install latest SVN
3 Launch from command line using `20110622/start-kdenlive'
(watch vast numbers of warnings:
"librdf warning - Model does not support contexts" (uncounted number)
"Object::connect: No such signal NotesWidget::aboutToShowContextMenu(QMenu *) in /home/alex/kdenlive/src/kdenlive/src/noteswidget.cpp:32"
"QWidget::insertAction: Attempt to insert null action" (twice)
4 Insert any .avi DV file, or, spend a week producing your first intro movie
5 Click on `Render'
6 Look at all the warning notices & curse
Additional Information$ 20110622/start-kdenlive --version
Kdenlive Builder Wizard version: 11
libvpx: commit 2bd90c13a04fddddc4379688eab6b6132aabe933 Date: Wed Jun 22 12:41:17 2011 -0400
x264: commit 4c552d873ada1be3cf2d77965427fab599d051a0 Date: Thu Jun 9 01:34:14 2011 +0400
frei0r: commit 6c65d6a48b8c0d51791bc3ba7e25a161c95fac30 Date: Wed Mar 16 00:54:34 2011 -0700
ffmpeg: commit 81ef892ca8a85f0ab6058a3ed40c05a82a151ba5 Date: Wed Jun 22 21:42:09 2011 +0200
mlt: commit 49051c31a9887b96e6868449fd544b237c9943ae Date: Tue Jun 21 21:55:49 2011 -0700
kdenlive: Revision: 5725 Last Changed Date: 2011-06-20 22:08:09 +0100 (Mon, 20 Jun 2011)
Qt: 4.7.3
KDE Development Platform: 4.4.5 (KDE 4.4.5)
Kdenlive: 0.8.1 (rev. 5725)

Naturally, because of the error, it is not possible to either render nor produce a script.
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Build/Install MethodBuild Wizard
Attached Filestxt file icon upload_kdenliverc.txt [^] (5,443 bytes) 2011-06-25 20:38 [Show Content]

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AlexK (reporter)
2011-06-25 20:33

Further info on this bug:

$ kde4-config --path config
$ ls -al /home/alex/.kde/share/config/
total 76
drwx------ 3 alex alex 4096 Jun 25 18:08 .
drwx------ 4 alex alex 4096 Jun 18 02:12 ..
drwx------ 2 alex alex 4096 Jun 19 01:32 colors
-rw------- 1 alex alex 41 Jun 18 04:07 drkonqirc
-rw------- 1 alex alex 805 Jun 22 06:17 kconf_updaterc
-rw------- 1 alex alex 76 Jun 18 02:12 kcookiejarrc
-rw------- 1 alex alex 294 Jun 18 23:00 kdebugrc
-rw------- 1 alex alex 39 Jun 18 02:12 kdedrc
-rw------- 1 alex alex 884 Jun 25 04:43 kdeglobals
-rw------- 1 alex alex 5443 Jun 25 18:08 kdenliverc
-rw------- 1 alex alex 69 Jun 18 02:12 kio_httprc
-rw------- 1 alex alex 92 Jun 18 02:12 kioslaverc
-rw------- 1 alex alex 119 Jun 18 02:21 ktimezonedrc
-rw------- 1 alex alex 58 Jun 18 02:12 kuriikwsfilterrc
-rw------- 1 alex alex 425 Jun 18 20:07 phonondevicesrc
-rw------- 1 alex alex 85 Jun 18 02:12 plasma-appletsrc
-rw------- 1 alex alex 85 Jun 18 02:12 plasmarc
-rw------- 1 alex alex 85 Jun 18 02:12 plasmoidviewer-appletsrc

kdenliverc is the source of this error, and also of some recent crashes that I've experienced (these have always been linked with attempts to access a now-no-longer-accessible drive and/or directory and/or file):

$ cat /home/alex/.kde/share/config/kdenliverc
[Recent Files]
# first line below is the now-no-longer-accessible file
File1[$e]=/media/Documents/Docs/Business/Expert Interrogations/Project/ei.osp
# the villain!

May I suggest some means within kdenlive to edit / clear-to-defaults (or link through to KDE to edit) these variables? At the very least, the kde resource files are undermining the efforts of the Builder Wizard to point everything to the new code directory.

From my very short experience of kdenlive, and the staggering number of crashes experienced (!), the kde rc files can be implicated in many of those crashes.

Final point: AV Linux uses GNOME as the default GUI. I have no idea whether that has any connection, but mention it as further info.
AlexK (reporter)
2011-06-26 06:36

Looking in the wrong place... mlt/profiles are NOT render profiles.
Render profiles are currently accessed from:

...and s/b accessed from:

Nevertheless, the [env] settings are wrong. Therefore, they were changed in the `kdenliverc' rc file:


(I also tried making [env] entries dynamic + locked; see: [^]
...but that just locked kdenlive up.)

$ kde4-config --path data
$ ls /home/alex/.kde/share/apps/kdenlive/export
$ ls /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdenlive/export

I put a symbolic link in the $HOME path to the correct profiles:

$ ln -s $HOME/kdenlive/20110622/share/apps/kdenlive/export/profiles.xml $HOME/.kde/share/apps/kdenlive/export
$ ls -al /home/alex/.kde/share/apps/kdenlive/export
total 12
drwx------ 2 alex alex 4096 Jun 26 05:18 .
drwx------ 4 alex alex 4096 Jun 24 20:34 ..
lrwxrwxrwx 1 alex alex 68 Jun 26 05:18 profiles.xml -> /home/alex/kdenlive/20110622/share/apps/kdenlive/export/profiles.xml

Now no longer shows the problem. Naturally, it crashed afterwards:
"Rendering of /home/alex/kdenlive/untitled.avi crashed"
...but does play. Badly. But that's another bug report, I guess.
ttill (developer)
2011-06-28 16:25

Could you please give a short summary of the problem this report is about?
To follow the change in MLT I updated the Kdenlive render profiles. The warning you pointed out in your forum post should only appear on custom profiles because we cannot update them automatically.
AlexK (reporter)
2011-06-28 17:12

I'll try:

Following the advice on this page will lead to a non-functional install: [^]

...if the `Build Script' is used, and kdenlive is already installed.

KDE global and (possibly) local defaults can point the SVN installation at pre-installed binaries and profiles.

Further information:
Whilst the above has possibly been a source of subtle bugs ever since the Build Wizard was introduced, it has introduced a total block at the point of change in render profiles on 7 June. The previous sentence is explicitly true for AV Linux 5.0 (my personal experience).

I personally believe the Build Wizard to be an excellent piece of work. It allows a kdenlive user to keep up with fast change in the k world, without having to worry about shafting anything else on the system. However, as best as I can tell, it does not have any KDE config at all. Thus, all accesses to the SVN install will be subject to the existing KDE global & local config. Sadly, therefore, I have to inform you that--as far as Builder Wizard installs are concerned--your hard work on the Kdenlive render profiles has been completely ignored.
ttill (developer)
2011-06-30 15:45

As a temporary fix on demand you can create a new profile based on a DV/HDV one (button is above list of profiles) and replace profile with mlt_profile.
I am not involved with the build scripts and kde config things...
stelvio.p (reporter)
2011-07-28 18:20

Hi there, maybe I find a workaround:

"profile" and "mlt_profile" problem appears because kdenlive search profile table in:


(file installed by debian package kdenlive-data)
instead of:


which is installed by build scrip from melt source.

If this is true, a workaround is simple:

$ apt-get purge kdenlive kdenlive-data

after this, reconfigure kdenlive from scratch:

$ find ~/.kde | grep kdenlive

and remove (backup) anything about kdenlive, in particular


and do

$ ./start-kdenlive again

I hope this may be useful.


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