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0000227KdenliveEffectspublic2008-10-19 14:452008-11-12 22:22
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PlatformOSOS Version
Product VersionRecent git 
Target Version0.7.0Fixed in Version0.7.0 
Summary0000227: cutting clip with applied volume effect break volume keyframes for second clip part
Description1. add a clip
2. apply volume effect
3. cut the clip

First clip have the blue and red start stop keyframes available and a white volume level line between.

But the second clip part shows a grey volume level line and there is a very small blue square at the beginning and no keyframe at the end. Dragging the blue one from the beginning shows it red and it creates another white line when you drag it to the center of the second clip part for example.
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Attached Filespng file icon volume1.png [^] (29,875 bytes) 2008-10-24 09:08

png file icon volume2.png [^] (30,114 bytes) 2008-10-24 09:08

png file icon volume3.png [^] (30,037 bytes) 2008-10-24 09:08

? file icon volume.kdenlive [^] (7,174 bytes) 2008-10-24 09:08

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related to 0000270closed Feature Request: keyframe editor for effects like volume 

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madsdyd (administrator)
2008-10-19 16:40

Acknowledged for rev 2491. Pretty confusing actually.
doitux (updater)
2008-10-24 09:07
edited on: 2008-10-24 09:18

I did some more testings on this issue:

1. add a clip
2. cut the clip
3. add volume effect to the first part and set maybe 4 keyframes
4. add volume effect to the second part and set maybe 3 keyframes
5. select both parts will look like volume1.png (attached)

6. save the project, close kdenlive, start again, and load this project again
7. the unselected clip parts looks like volume2.png (attached)
8. select both parts will look like volume3.png (attached)

After reloading the volume effects are no longer editable because of the broken keyframes.

doitux (updater)
2008-10-24 09:16
edited on: 2008-10-24 09:23

I also attached the project file.
When i looked into i was wondering about two issues:

1. When i set the first keyframe for second part to 50% i carefully looked for the position is 00:00:00:00. But you can see from line 78 to 91 there is something wrong:

 <entry in="678" out="1340" producer="1" >
   <filter in="0" out="678" id="filter2" >
    <property name="track" >0</property>
    <property name="window" >75</property>
    <property name="max_gain" >20dB</property>
    <property name="mlt_type" >filter</property>
    <property name="mlt_service" >volume</property>
    <property name="kdenlive_id" >volume</property>
    <property name="kdenlive_ix" >1</property>
    <property name="tag" >volume</property>
    <property name="gain" >0</property>
    <property name="end" >0.5</property>
   <filter in="679" out="1164" id="filter3" >

I think filter2 should not be there, and maybe caused this bug.

2. line 41: <filter in="0" out="131" id="volume" >
This one has id="volume". All following filters has filter0, filter1, filter2 and so on. Is it ok like this?

doitux (updater)
2008-10-26 10:01

rev 2564 fixes the additional reported issue like in volume1-3.png (1. cut and 2. apply volume).
Also the original issue (1. apply volume and 2. cut) works much better. There is just a small difference between first-part-endpoint and second-part-startpoint after cutting.

Thx a lot jb!!!
madsdyd (administrator)
2008-10-30 09:23

AFAICT, this issue has been completely fixed with the SVN rev. 2598 commit.


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2008-11-12 22:22 madsdyd Fixed in Version Recent git => 0.7.0

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