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0002273KdenliveUser Interfacepublic2011-08-04 07:332014-12-11 15:14
Assigned Toeddrog 
Platform32 bit intel and alikeOSFedora LinuxOS Version15
Product Version0.8 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002273: Contour Shuttlexpress buttons trigger actions twice
DescriptionWhen buttons on the a Shuttlexpress are assigned actions, they get triggered twice, once on button-down and once on button up.

Example. Assign play / pause to a button.
Push button down - video starts playing
Release button - video stops playing

I think the button releases should be ignored and only button-down should trigger an action.
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has duplicate 0002869closededdrog Fast forward / backward buttons not working while paused, but still enabled 

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j-b-m (administrator)
2012-11-19 21:11

In fact, the current shuttle code seems to send a monitor pause request every few seconds. I am trying to fix it...
j-b-m (administrator)
2012-11-19 22:48

Should be fixed now in git
eddrog (developer)
2012-11-20 11:33

What is the desired behaviour of the shuttle in the mid position stop or the last running speed = 1 state?


1) Coming from backward => playback stop
2) Coming from forward => playback with speed 1
eddrog (developer)
2012-11-20 17:25

BTW: the jkl keys playback seems to be broken after this change!
eddrog (developer)
2012-12-05 10:14

I agree, this is the way it should work. [^]

btw: in shotcut it is implemented in this way and I like it. Toggling the playback on K-Key press breaks a little bit the logic.

Same for shuttle.
eddrog (developer)
2012-12-12 20:57

The shuttle mid position (=> k key) doesn't stop transport
eddrog (developer)
2012-12-16 18:19

@j-b-m: I found that coming form neg shuttle position zero is fired (ShuttleXpress). Coming from pos zero is not fired. This is the reason why playback does not stop at mid-position.

Is it only a ShuttleXpress problem or a general one. Which Jog/Shuttle do you have?
j-b-m (administrator)
2012-12-17 20:50

I have a SpaceShuttle A/V, which is an old model (0000007:0000010 years old). With current git, it works correctly I think:

When moving the inner jog (the frame by frame jog), the playback stops.
When moving the outer ring (forward/backward), the playback also stops in all cases (whether the monitor was playing or not before turning the ring).

The only small issue I can see is that there is a small delay before pausing when you release the outer ring...
eddrog (developer)
2012-12-18 10:15

This was my suggestion that with your jotshuttle it works correct. I think that the jogshuttle behave different. For the ShuttleXpress I don't get the Zero Speed (Stop) event when coming from positive.

I think in future the code has to be rewritten like in kino considering the differences betweeen the jogshuttles. I very like to work with a jogshuttle thats why good support is important for me (in future).
eddrog (developer)
2014-09-29 11:18

I think this problem should be fixed! If not please let me know! Otherwise I'll close this bug!
eddrog (developer)
2014-12-11 15:14

No feedback got yet. For me it works like expected!

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