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0002282KdenliveUser Interfacepublic2011-08-14 23:542013-01-05 19:22
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Summary0002282: Kdenlive should change its name to something easier to talk about
DescriptionDear developers,

Both Kde and Kdenlive are great products with not so great names, if we think about expanding the user base. For Kde that doesn't matter very much as new users get to know it through distributions with names like Ubuntu, Suse, etc. But for Kdenlive this is crucial.

An empirical test with a reasonable sample (N > 10 :-) ) is enough to see that the name "Kdenlive" doesn't stick and doesn't spread, neither in English nor in Portuguese. I'm convinced it doesn't work in Spanish either... you can share your thoughts regarding other languages.

Competitors have easy names like Premiere, Vegas or Final Cut that everyone seems to remember. Do we think that a good product will grow regardless of its name? I don't think so, especially if it grows by err... word of mouth. Certainly even not so good names can stick, given enough money to burn on PR / advertising but that's not efficient and certainly not doable in this case.

So, could Kdenlive have its name changed to something more similar to what people expect from such a great tool?

If you really want to remind the relationship with KDE there are many options like OpenKut, Kinematic, OsKar, aKtion!, direKtor...

I leave this idea here for discussion.

P.S.: I think people pushing for a name change must be a sign of success!
Steps To ReproduceShoot
Edit a great video with Kdenlive
Publish it
Wait for people to enjoy it and ask you which video editor you use
Explain them that you use "Kdenlive"
Evaluate the silence, puzzling, etc :-)
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orbspider (reporter)
2011-11-22 05:28

like mantis is a cool name, the bug hunter and eater
sgtGarcia (reporter)
2011-12-25 19:56


01. Final Stage
02. Filmmaker
03. Kasting or Casting
04. Shootout
05. Audience
06. CinematiK or Cinematic
07. Postproduction
08. Rough Cut
09. The Stage
10. Sequence
neoarttec (reporter)
2012-01-01 23:51

Not an issue and irrelevant to bug tracking.

This should have really been published in the Kdenlive forum. [^]
evorster (reporter)
2012-01-07 18:29

I happen to like the name Kdenlive. It's sufficiently different from anything else out there.

I am willing to bet you get the same response when you say that this video editor runs on linux... do you want to change the name of that, too?
ghomem (reporter)
2012-01-07 19:11


I agree with you. Linux has had a branding problem for many years and still hasn't finished its brand building. Linux IS a bad name which now can't be changed because it's established in the market. It took time, money and still the result is far from perfect.

OpenOffice, on the contrary, has a good name... so *brandwise* the fork was a disgrace.

The most important thing is: good names stick naturally; bad names stick after millions of dollars of "brute force" marketing and a long waiting time.

Also good names, unlike Linux, allways relate to something that is familiar to whoever gets to know them for the first time. Ex: Open + Office, Apple, Google, Windows.

IMHO, the name is a limiting factor for this great editing software.
shimpe (reporter)
2013-01-05 19:22

I'd like to vote against OpenKut as in Dutch it means "open cunt" ;)

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