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0002362KdenliveMLTpublic2011-10-27 02:262011-10-29 23:44
Assigned Toj-b-m 
Platformx86_64OSDebian LinuxOS Versiontesting
Product VersionRecent git 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002362: Problems with jumping in AVCHD clips
DescriptionI add AVCHD (from my Canon camcorder) clip to the empty project. When I jump to the timestamp lower than about 11 seconds, everything is OK (see the first screenshot). But when I jump to the timestamp higher than it (in clip monitor or project monitor - both are failed), black / white (sometimes white, sometimes black) square is displayed in the monitor instead of the clip frame (see second and third screenshot).

I have one old version (SVN rev. 5915, compiled: 2011-09-16) which works perfectly. I have tried to recompile this SVN revision (and some older) with some different MLT versions, but all compiled binaries have the problem described here.

I have compiled many different versions in the time between 2011-09-16 and today (SVN rev. 5993 compiled today was the last one) - all with the same problem.

In the "bad" versions there is also always white square in the timeline instead of last frame video thumbnail (first frame is OK). When the clip is shorter than about 11 seconds, thumbnails are correct. In the "good" versions all thumbnails are OK also for long clips. See attached screenshots.

Using proxy clip this problem doesn't occur, but low quality proxy clips I can't use for thumbnails.

Note: everytime I compile using script.
Steps To Reproduce- start kdenlive
- add AVCHD clip long than a minute
- use clip monitor to jump to the timestamp higher than 12 seconds
- wait for the jump is completed
- see to the white or black square instead of the clip frame

===== OR =====

- start kdenlive
- add AVCHD clip long than a minute
- add this clip to the timeline with video thumbnails enabled
- see the white square instead of last frame thumbnail
- use project monitor to jump to the timestamp higher than 12 seconds
- wait for the jump is completed
- see to the white or black square instead of the clip frame
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Build/Install MethodBuild Wizard
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michalr (reporter)
2011-10-27 02:29

It may be the similar problem as in the issue 0002175.
j-b-m (administrator)
2011-10-27 15:17

This is probably an MLT or FFmpeg issue. I need you to try a few things:

in a terminal, try the following:

melt myclip.mts in=500

ffplay -ss 20 myclip.mts

The first command will play the clip with MLT's command line player, starting 20 seconds after the clip's beginning, the second command does the same with FFmpeg's command line player.

What is the result, do both commands work fine?
michalr (reporter)
2011-10-28 15:46

Hi, you are right. The problem is ffmpeg.

Trying melt command it only shows syntax help (I don't know what is wrong). See below.

Trying ffplay command, no picture is displayed - only audio is playing. Using ffplay from the clip start (w/o -ss switch), video is playing.

Trying older ffplay (from my old version compiled: 2011-09-16) - video is OK also with '-ss 20' switch.

When I compile current kdenlive with current mlt and ffmpeg commit#: 076a8dfd411b77cd0b993581daf7ed7a313f017f, kdenlive works perfect. Jumps and timeline thumbnails.

Thank you for your help.

Should I report it to the ffmpeg developers or you are able to fix it yourself ?

My output of melt command:

$ pwd
$ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=`pwd`/lib/
$ bin/melt ~/video/2011/10/2011-10-24_17-31_01.mts in=500
Usage: melt [options] [producer [name=value]* ]+
  -attach filter[:arg] [name=value]* Attach a filter to the output
  -attach-cut filter[:arg] [name=value]* Attach a filter to a cut
  -attach-track filter[:arg] [name=value]* Attach a filter to a track
  -attach-clip filter[:arg] [name=value]* Attach a filter to a producer
  -audio-track | -hide-video Add an audio-only track
  -blank frames Add blank silence to a track
  -consumer id[:arg] [name=value]* Set the consumer (sink)
  -debug Set the logging level to debug
  -filter filter[:arg] [name=value]* Add a filter to the current track
  -group [name=value]* Apply properties repeatedly
  -help Show this message
  -jack Enable JACK transport synchronization
  -join clips Join multiple clips into one cut
  -mix length Add a mix between the last two cuts
  -mixer transition Add a transition to the mix
  -null-track | -hide-track Add a hidden track
  -profile name Set the processing settings
  -progress Display progress along with position
  -remove Remove the most recent cut
  -repeat times Repeat the last cut
  -query List all of the registered services
  -query "consumers" | "consumer"=id List consumers or show info about one
  -query "filters" | "filter"=id List filters or show info about one
  -query "producers" | "producer"=id List producers or show info about one
  -query "transitions" | "transition"=id List transitions, show info about one
  -query "profiles" | "profile"=id List profiles, show info about one
  -query "presets" | "preset"=id List presets, show info about one
  -query "formats" List audio/video formats
  -query "audio_codecs" List audio codecs
  -query "video_codecs" List video codecs
  -serialise [filename] Write the commands to a text file
  -silent Do not display position/transport
  -split relative-frame Split the last cut into two cuts
  -swap Rearrange the last two cuts
  -track Add a track
  -transition id[:arg] [name=value]* Add a transition
  -verbose Set the logging level to verbose
  -version Show the version and copyright
  -video-track | -hide-audio Add a video-only track
For more help: <> [^]
j-b-m (administrator)
2011-10-29 23:44

There is nothing we can do on the Kdenlive / MLT side if the file fails in FFmpeg. So the problem should be reported to FFmpeg if it is still reproducible with their latest git: [^]


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