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0002441KdenliveFile Loadingpublic2011-12-15 07:152014-08-05 23:28
Assigned Toj-b-m 
Platform64 bitOSUbuntuOS Version11.04
Product Version0.8.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002441: Using proxy files on a long directory path causes error dialogs to pop up
DescriptionThe following dialog pop ups:

"Error - Kdenlive

Cannot write to file /home/santtu/.kde/data/stalefiles/kdenlive/2011-12-12%20Pilvikoulutus%20p%C3%A4iv%C3%A4%202.kdenliveXSBfile_%2Fnet%2Ffides%2Fmnt%2Farray1%2Fscratch%2Fsanttu%2F2011-12-12%20koulutus%20videotJRo7iXSB"

Actual file path varies with the file used. If I try to "ls" the file I get an ENAMETOOLONG error:

"ls: cannot access /home/santtu/.kde/data/stalefiles/kdenlive/2011-12-12%20Pilvikoulutus%20p%C3%A4iv%C3%A4%202.kdenliveXSBfile_%2Fnet%2Ffides%2Fmnt%2Farray1%2Fscratch%2Fsanttu%2F2011-12-12%20koulutus%20videotJRo7iXSB: File name too long"
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a deep hierarchy structure and put a video clip there.
2. Create a new project and enable proxy video settings, set so that the video clip from step 1. will be proxied
3. Wait until proxying is complete
4. .. and an error dialog will pop up

After this any time you're doing any operations on the clip (add to video track etc.) you'll get the same error over and over again.

This won't cause any actual problems in the video editing or rendering *except* that the dialogs pop up constantly interrupting the workflow.
Additional InformationThis appears to come from use of KAutoSaveFile.

I don't know enough KAutoSaveFile why this fails - is the long filename generated by KAutoSaveFile or from kdenlive? If latter, then the filename could be replaced with a hash of the filename to shorten it.

Using a symlinked directory to shorten the path name doesn't work, since something at some level is normalizing symlinked path (it ends up in stalefiles directory with /net/fides/... path.)
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related to 0002450feedbackj-b-m non-english character filenames in autosave dir are not accepted 

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j-b-m (administrator)
2012-01-08 18:36

I could not reproduce the problem but it should be fixed in latest git, we now use a hash instead of full path. I am just curious what filesystem is on the drive tht shows this problem?

You can find it with:

df -T
TonyR (reporter)
2013-05-18 12:45

I have same on Ubuntu 12.04 64bit (kdenlive
ntfs file system, russian localization

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