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0000261KdenliveUser Interfacepublic2008-10-22 13:152010-02-04 23:49
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Summary0000261: Composite transition should default to a crossfade
DescriptionWhen I add a composite transition, by default the opacity at the end of the transition seems to be some random value between 0 and 100. I think 0 might be a more sensible default, since most people will use it as a fade-out / cross-fade technique.
Additional InformationComposite transition by default introduces no change to the clips (expect a framesize change bug: 243), which confuses uses.

A default with two keyframes start/end, opacity 100/0 would make a lot more sense, and possibly allow users to discover the posibilities using keyframes.

This issues started as a bug, which seems to have been solved. Keeping it here to track history.
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related to 0000435closedmadsdyd feature request: combined video/audio crossfade 

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madsdyd (administrator)
2008-11-06 19:58

I do not believe you are correct. Composite by default has only a single keyframe, at the beginning, and it is set to 100.

In my case, inserting a composite has "no effect", in the sense that the default parameters is set such that no change happens. Perhaps this should be changed?

Also, 2624 has synchronization issues with the composite effect: moving the composit effect slide is not well synchronized with the timeline.
aspiers (reporter)
2008-11-07 11:04

From memory the bug appeared when adding a keyframe at the end of a newly created transition. However I have just run an svn update and I can no longer reproduce.
reinhard (reporter)
2008-11-11 21:18

I also would like to have a second keyframe, at the end of the transition, with a default opacity value == 0, since IMHO this (a simple crossfade between clips) is really a VERY common used action in movie compositions. The actual behaviour doesn't make much sense for me - at least I don't understand it ;)
BUT - maybe I'm totally wrong here!
If it proves otherwise I should prefer to fix this one before the upcoming release...
aspiers (reporter)
2008-11-11 23:34

Agree 100% with reinhard - I don't understand why there is only one keyframe at the beginning by default. Is there a more common use case for composite transitions than a simple crossfade?
cinephiliac (updater)
2008-11-12 17:43

Ignoring how the transition has been used previously, it seems to me that as a new user I would expect to see a transition just for crossfading called "crossfade" and that I would expect to see a transition called "composite" be something that just composited two clips together without any crossfade.
madsdyd (administrator)
2008-11-12 21:22

I agree a "crossfade" transition is needed (might be there if you have frei0r installed, actually), but I think that the composite should do *something* when inserted, and as we currently lack a crossfade, and will be asked about it a 100 times, it just seems prudent to have composite default to crossfade.
reinhard (reporter)
2008-11-13 23:43

Maybe at least I understand the usage of the 'composite' transition - it is useful to create stuff like PIP (picture in picture) since it is possible to change size and position, of a clip, over time using keyframes.
The 'crossfade' stuff actually can be managed by the 'luma' transition - although I would like to change the default behaviour of the direction the transition is applied, since actually it fades in 'negativ' direction - means from track 1 to track 0, for example.
But in most circumstances (but maybe this is just my personal logic/procedure) a timeline composition start in track 0 and a second clip, to be faded into, will normally be inserted into the next lower track, which is track 1 in this case, and so on...
So, when user add a luma transition he always has to change the direction afterwards, which is at least a little bit annoying ;)

I think from developers point of view 'luma' might be the correct naming, but from users point of view 'crossfade' might be easier to understand...
aspiers (reporter)
2010-02-04 23:49

Any update on this? I would expect a LOT of users to need crossfade so IMHO the priority should be higher than 'normal'.

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2008-11-11 23:57 madsdyd Summary adding composite transition defaults to seemingly random opacity value at end of transition => Composite transition should default to a crossfade
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