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0002742KdenliveFile Loadingpublic2012-09-20 12:142013-04-23 11:03
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Product Version0.9.2 
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Summary0002742: [Wish List] Tools : TimeLine > Guides > Import-Export
Description(This message is a copy of [^])

What do you think about an import tool to catch the Audacity > Analyze > Beat Finder... (or others), [^]
who "attempts to place labels at beats which are much louder than the surrounding audio".

Labels that can be imported/exported in audacity, the code who do that seems to be here : [^]

near line 1988 /// Import labels, handling files with or without end-times.
void LabelTrack::Import(wxTextFile & in)....

-#- this feature could be usefull for people who work with subtitle files. [^]
and so, could be logical if guides can be imported to export them back.

-#- this can also respond to question like this : [^]
cause guides are sticky, and numerous beat strict file can be created with audacity easily and then used.

-#- following my brainstorm,
in the import guides box, what about color selector? cause of people who want now beats informations in green and others guides in others colors....

has you already fixed my previous report... i follow ;-)
Additional Informationrelated to 0001887 and 0000400
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j-b-m (administrator)
2012-09-22 17:22

Ok, I implemented a basic load & save feature for clip markers. Note that this is for markers which are attached to a clip, not for guides who are timeline dependant.

I had a look at Audacity and it usually saves zones like this:
start time > end time > label

In Kdenlive, we don't have zones for markers, only one point markers. Son when importing such a file in Kdenlive, we add two markers one at start, one at end with the same label.

The feature is available from the "Clip Properties" dialog (double click on a clip) in the "Markers" tab (load / save buttons).

Comments & feedback welcome.
djay (reporter)
2012-09-28 11:10

Very cool for the clip's markers load&save feature !

I think that this new feature will give a very easy way to synchronize audio and video in kdenlive.

What kind of marker file format to you plan to load/save in ?
Will the load&save feature can be "connected" to the timeline guides? ("simply" because the long blue line representing the timeline's guides are more "visible" in the user interface)

best regards.

note:oooh, so nice, right click on effect slider can produce real time preview :-))) (ID:2756)
j-b-m (administrator)
2012-10-20 17:12

Clip markers can now have a category that is linked to a color. That way, you can now import markers in category 1 (for example blue), then create other markers in another color.

Next step is to make better use of these clip markers, for example the motion_est filter will soon allow to add markers whenever there is a scene cut in the clip. After that, I want to make the markers data available for exemple to add keyframes for an effect at marker positions.
djay (reporter)
2012-11-05 08:40

-- category that is linked to a color>> excellent!
-- data (will) available to add keyframes>> (excellent!)²

("sorry", i still doesn't have compil&test this new feature)
djay (reporter)
2013-04-23 11:03

is this can be close / fixed now ?

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