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0000280KdenliveTranslationpublic2008-10-24 19:112011-01-23 09:36
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Summary0000280: Missing localization strings for some effect names and effect parameters
DescriptionStrings from main.cpp - about dialog

Strings for translator - tab Translation

Effect settings
Additional InformationThe principle translation of the effect names and parameters in the effect stack is present in svn revision 2549 (and I think it has been that way for a while).
Translating effect names and parameters appears to require, however, that the dir kdenlive/effects in the source distribution, gets populated with xml files describing the effects. This is not the case for e.g. the Dust effect.

Some of the required information to build the information for the effects may be extracted from mlt, if the effects has yml files. This is the case for e.g. all "oldfilm" effects, try

inigo -query filter=dust

Also, a patch is in the queue for mlt to add yml files for all frei0r effects.

One could conceievable build a tool to extract the information from inigo and convert it more or less directly to the xml files that kdenlive need.
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madsdyd (administrator)
2008-10-24 19:18

When looking at the kdenlive interface, when presenting Dust, it does present both a description and the parameters. It appears that this is extracted from mlt(?)

I still think, that an xml file is missing for e.g. Dust, in order to enable compilation, but I'll be waiting for either Dan Dennedy or JB to confirm this.

Leaving issue as new, in other words.

(I don't mind creating the xml files, if they are needed, btw - just unsure about it right now).
cinephiliac (updater)
2008-11-13 15:49

Changing to acknowledged as this requires developer feedback.
Granjow (developer)
2010-04-08 11:35

Still valid?
Dust is still untranslated here.
Granjow (developer)
2010-08-25 08:21

current svn does not show up in the roadmap.
prokoudine (reporter)
2010-09-11 05:14

Here are XML files for oldfilm effects: Dust, Grain, Oldfilm and Scratchlines. I quite disagree with original phrasing and names of some options, as well as lack of spaces in some of those options (oldfilm effect), but here they are. I'll have a look at frey0r effects too. Unfortunately this is too late for 0.7.8 :-/
prokoudine (reporter)
2010-09-11 06:50

Sorry -- I forgot Technicolor :) Attached now. Frei0r is on the way.
prokoudine (reporter)
2010-09-11 07:03

And here are 15 missing frei0r effects -- at least as per availability in Ubuntu 10.04. Adding them before release might break strings freeze. On the other hand the perspective effect is pretty much useless without the XML file, because digiKam/MLT fails to load its four params automatically.

Please check ids of effects and names of params. Also, let me know if more XML files should be created. I have a git checkout of frei0r plug-ins from 2010-09-10.
Granjow (developer)
2011-01-22 17:19

Hey, sorry for the delay. Am I right that the effects have not been added in the meantime? I just checked the perspective effect, and it does not seem to work (the current xml also differs from your version).
prokoudine (reporter)
2011-01-22 18:38

Oh, they have, but descriptions need fixing. Till already explained in the mailing list what needs doing, I hope to get busy with that really soon now. Or you could do it as well :)
Granjow (developer)
2011-01-23 09:36

/me needs to learn for the exams ;)

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