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0000029KdenliveEffectspublic2007-11-03 16:562008-11-08 20:11
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Summary0000029: Kdenlive changes transparency when a PIP transition is applied
DescriptionHi. With kdenlive-20070815 if I use

track 0 ---> image png white 16:9
track 1 ---> dv clip1 (pip track2 - transparency 50)
track 2 ---> dv clip1

track 0 has a transparency that should not have.

Usually I using other NLE programs (Avid Xpress Pro) and I do not know if I have misunderstood how the pip work in kdenlive or is a bug. Someone can confirm?
Additional InformationSee images in kdenlive forum : [^]
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Attached Filespng file icon Before transition.png [^] (342,981 bytes) 2007-11-03 17:14
png file icon After transition.png [^] (372,909 bytes) 2007-11-03 17:14

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herrej01 (reporter)
2007-11-03 16:57

Hi blazar,

this is not a bug ;) .

According to your project, the normal behaviour in kdenlive is that you'll see only the white mask. This is because kdenlive is reading tracks up to down, so if in track #0 you have a white clip without any transition applied, this is what you'll see as output.

The reason why you are seeing also the clips in other tracks is, I guess, because you've defined the image clip "maschera.png" with transparent background (double click the clip in the project tree and you can confirm). And that's also the reason for this clip to mix with the others.

I do not understand the reason for the white clip in the first track, but if you remove it you'll see how the PIP transition between the other clips is working OK.

If you let us know what's your desired output, I'll try to help or at least confirm if kdenlive can cope with it.

herrej01 (reporter)
2007-11-03 16:58

Probably I have not explained very well my matter... :oops:

I have choose transparency in track#0 for add white 16:9 (like some video music) at my clip, but white color has a transparency that should not have.

I have made an image whit gimp :D
herrej01 (reporter)
2007-11-03 17:06
edited on: 2007-11-03 17:16

OK. Problem is :

If you have a clip with transparent background, next track clip can be seen in the background area when they are aligned in the timeline.

But if you apply a PIP transition between the second clip and a third one, the first clip becomes totally transparent (not only the background).

I'm not sure what is the right way of working (background transparency only or total transparency), but what seems to not be right is the change between one behaviour and the other because of the application of the PIP transition.

See attached images for clarification.

Comments will be welcomed.

madsdyd (administrator)
2008-11-08 20:11

It appears this bug was filed against the KDE3/qt3 version of Kdenlive. Due to a shortage of developers, this version is no longer supported (see [^]), and this issue has been closed.

If you believe this is an error, or can reproduce this issue using the KDE4/qt4 version of Kdenlive, please file a new report.

If you have trouble building/obtaining the KDE4/qt4 version of Kdenlive, please consult [^]

You may especially be interessted in the Kdenlive Builder Wizard, available at [^] .

Note, that you do not need to run KDE4 to build and run the Kdenlive KDE4 version.

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