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0002952KdenliveUser Interfacepublic2013-01-20 15:322013-01-27 23:00
Assigned Toj-b-m 
Platform32 bit intel and alikeOSKubuntuOS Version12.04
Product Version0.9.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002952: crash
DescriptionI can open the soft but as soon as i imprt a clip it closes without any message !!
I tried with an avi clip, a mmv one ...
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Build/Install MethodDistribution package
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j-b-m (administrator)
2013-01-21 11:21

Where did you get the Kdenlive package? did you install from sunab's PPA? And which MLT version is installed?

In a terminal, type:

melt myclip.avi

Using one of your avi clip. Does it work? If not, there is something wrong with your MLT install (MLT is the video framework behind Kdenlive)
jmpelata (reporter)
2013-01-27 19:27

thanks for your answer
Sorry not to answer sonner but iwas away of my home for a week !
Here are the answer you ask for !

I load it with the ubuntu soft center

Here is the result of melt myclip.avi
Failed to load "myclip.avi"
Failed to load "myclip.avi"
Usage: melt [options] [producer [name=value]* ]+
  -attach filter[:arg] [name=value]* Attach a filter to the output
  -attach-cut filter[:arg] [name=value]* Attach a filter to a cut
  -attach-track filter[:arg] [name=value]* Attach a filter to a track
  -attach-clip filter[:arg] [name=value]* Attach a filter to a producer
  -audio-track | -hide-video Add an audio-only track
  -blank frames Add blank silence to a track
  -consumer id[:arg] [name=value]* Set the consumer (sink)
  -debug Set the logging level to debug
  -filter filter[:arg] [name=value]* Add a filter to the current track
  -group [name=value]* Apply properties repeatedly
  -help Show this message
  -jack Enable JACK transport synchronization
  -join clips Join multiple clips into one cut
  -mix length Add a mix between the last two cuts
  -mixer transition Add a transition to the mix
  -null-track | -hide-track Add a hidden track
  -profile name Set the processing settings
  -progress Display progress along with position
  -remove Remove the most recent cut
  -repeat times Repeat the last cut
  -query List all of the registered services
  -query "consumers" | "consumer"=id List consumers or show info about one
  -query "filters" | "filter"=id List filters or show info about one
  -query "producers" | "producer"=id List producers or show info about one
  -query "transitions" | "transition"=id List transitions, show info about one
  -query "profiles" | "profile"=id List profiles, show info about one
  -query "presets" | "preset"=id List presets, show info about one
  -query "formats" List audio/video formats
  -query "audio_codecs" List audio codecs
  -query "video_codecs" List video codecs
  -serialise [filename] Write the commands to a text file
  -silent Do not display position/transport
  -split relative-frame Split the last cut into two cuts
  -swap Rearrange the last two cuts
  -track Add a track
  -transition id[:arg] [name=value]* Add a transition
  -verbose Set the logging level to verbose
  -version Show the version and copyright
  -video-track | -hide-audio Add a video-only track
For more help: <> [^]

Every try to opne any fiel leads to a crash of the soft !!
How can I do to change somethint in my MLT Install ?
j-b-m (administrator)
2013-01-27 23:00

I guess you added sunab's repository if you have Kdenlive 0.9.2. Check which MLT version is installed on your system. Sometimes, due to dependency issues, you can have several versions of MLT installed which creates problem. Also, make sure you are using the official Ubuntu Libav packages, and not some comming from third party repositories.

For the installed MLT versions, can you post the result of this command:

ls -la /usr/lib/libmlt*

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