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0002982KdenliveFile Loadingpublic2013-02-10 00:372013-02-10 01:54
Assigned Toj-b-m 
Platform64 bitOSUbuntuOS Version12.04
Product Version0.9.4 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002982: DVD Wizard fails to assign timeline and chapters correctly to videos when an intro clip is selected
DescriptionWhen using the DVD Wizard to create a DVD with an intro clip, the timeline in the preview pane of the Chapter menu appears to apply to the previous clip.

For example: I have a 20 second intro clip, followed by 40 minute, 25 minute,20 minute, and 35 minute clips, all prerendered to *.vob

When I edit the chapters, the designated intro clip is not in the selection menu. The first entry is the 40 minute clip. The timeline in the preview pane has a 15 second timeline, however. I may use the RWD, Play, and FFWD buttons to find my chapter selections after 15 seconds, but the progress carat disappears to the right... The 25 minute clip has a 40 minute timeline, and the carat then stops about 2/3 through the timeline with the video. The same behaviour is then seen with the following clips.

Upon a save/load sequence, the first clip has no chapters, and following clips contain the chapter data for the previous clip. From this behavior, I speculate that the timeline issue is related.

After rendering the DVD *.iso, the chapters are still assigned to the wrong clips. So, apparently whatever is shown in the Chapter menu is what goes on the disc. Unfortunately, that means saving and loading preserves everything accurately but the correct chapter information.

After further investigating the *.kdvd file, the chapters appear to be saving correctly to the right source files from what is edited with the menu. They are just loading incorrectly from the saved file. Toggling the "Use first clip as intro" checkbox on the first menu further aggravates the problem, as each toggle moves the chapters further down the list from their original video (without being reset at the next toggle). A newly saved file reflects this as well, as the first videos now have no chapters assigned, and their chapters are listed farther down the list. The chapters that were originally assigned for the last video are not saved, and a previous video's chapters take their place as they appear in the menu. My conclusion is that the problems are related to the "Use first clip as intro" checkbox and the loading operations.
Steps To ReproduceOpen the DVD Wizard from the file menu in Kdenlive.

Select videos and toggle "Use first movie as intro." to set the first video as an intro clip.

Hit next and edit movie chapters. Notice that the timeline does not appear in the correct proportions for each clip. It's off by one. Saving after editing chapters will produce what appears to be correct output, however.

Hit next and edit your menu. [save, perhaps]

Hit next again. Whatever you have set up to now should be correct and should be rendered correctly to *.iso

Hit finish.

Start the Wizard again. Load your saved *.kdvd file.

In the chapter menu, notice that the first clip does not have chapters associated with it. The saved xml file will look correct, but the chapters will not be associated with the correct files upon loading. All following files in the dropdown will have the previous file's chapters set to them.

If you continue to render an *.iso, the output will have the loaded (incorrect) chapters (the first file will have no chapters.

You will also find that unchecking and rechecking the "Use first movie as intro." checkbox will actually move the chapter associations in the chapter menu. The saved file will also have these changes if you save.
Additional InformationI believe this could be related to bug ID 0001863. Not certain though.

I can try to upload examples if you like.


To work around the chapter problems, one can open the *.kdvd file and remove the intro movie statement near the top with a text editor and save. Uncheck the "Use first movie as intro." when you load the file, and your chapters will be there just how you expected them to be. When I added my intro back in (but leaving the intro checkbox unselected) my menu targets were all off, so double check any that were aimed for a specific file or chapter.
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MTComputerJunkie (reporter)
2013-02-10 01:11

After looking again at bug ID 0001863, I don't think these issues are directly related. Descriptions don't quite work together.
j-b-m (administrator)
2013-02-10 01:54

Thanks. I just fixed this problem in current git. I will probably release a new Kdenlive version in 5-6 days.

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