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0003215KdenliveUser Interfacepublic2014-02-02 17:332014-12-11 15:14
Assigned Toeddrog 
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Summary0003215: Kdenlive locks up when using ShuttlePRO v2 jog dial
Description0.9.7+git20140117.5359c90f-0ubuntu0~sunab~saucy1 from sunab's fine ppa repository; on Kubuntu 13.10.

Kdenlive locks up on a regular basis when using the ShuttlePRO v2 and playing the project or individual clips forward or backward; optionally when changing the playback speed or changing play direction.

Kdenlive then locks up and sits in some endless loop, not reacting to any UI interactions at all. CPU usage is rather low then. But Kdenlive never recovers, so it has to be killed manually.

It seems as if Kdenlive somehow trips on its own feet when it is getting a lot of events from the ShuttlePro v2. It seems to be as if the more effects are involved the more locking-up-prone Kdenlive is. However, sometimes even slow event sequences can lock up Kdenlive.

This is especially annoying, since the main reason for using a jog dial such as the ShuttlePRO v2 is to quickly navigate through video clips and the project. When Kdenlive locks up on a regular basis after several quick navigation movements using the jog dial, then the jog dial effectively becomes useless.
Steps To Reproduce1. Start Kdenlive.
2. Load a project.
3. Start using the ShuttlePro v2 jog dial; move within the project and individual clips using the inner dial and the ring for playing forth and back.
4. After a few seconds Kdenlive locks up and does not react to its UI anymore.
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diveo (reporter)
2014-02-02 18:04

More information: I've now noticed that when Kdenlive's UI lock up, one core goes to 100% usage, while the other cores remain idle. This may be an indication that the UI thread locks up.
vpinon (administrator)
2014-02-14 16:42

eddrog, I understood you own such a device as you once updated the driver, can you look at this?
few weeks back I added an error handling branch to resolve a coverity warn, maybe this is the culprit?
by the way, this driver is written low-level so non portable, is there a way to abstract it through Qt/Kde access?
eddrog (developer)
2014-02-17 09:55

sorry, time is an issue at the moment!

I just own the little brother Xpress one but they should work both.

Today evening i'll take a closer look at it.
eddrog (developer)
2014-02-18 20:08

@vpinon: your coverity change looks good to me. I tested current git version with my Xpress shuttle. It works like expected! There must be another problem!
eddrog (developer)
2014-02-18 20:12

@diveo: do you get the lock on pressing keys either or just on jog movements?
diveo (reporter)
2014-02-18 20:28

So far I've noticed lockup only when shuttling or dialing (jog). I'm using proxy clips that are mpeg2 video, 1080x720p frame size, max variable bitrate of 4000kps.

I suspect that the event handling of the ShuttlePRO v2 is fine; maybe there is something in the overall thread handling that causes lockups when shuttling and scrubbing. I don't experience such UI thread lockups when using the keyboard only. But that is probably because the volume of key events is much lower than with the ShuttlePRO or some other jog dial device.
eddrog (developer)
2014-02-18 20:44

key != keyboard. What I mean are the ShuttlePRO v2 buttons? The amount of events shouldn't be a problem. My Contour ShuttleXpress works file and the amount of events is similar.

Could you try/test your ShuttlePRO v2 with kino?

Kino's shuttle support is implemented more stable. I wanted to refactor it in kdenlive but for now I'm pretty busy and the last months kdenlive dev was on hold :-(((

BTW: can you provide some more info: installed system and so on ...
eddrog (developer)
2014-02-19 19:55

please provide me: (shuttle connected)

1) the output of #lsusb
2) start kdenlive in console and the output until dead-lock!!!
vpinon (administrator)
2014-02-19 20:48

@eddrog: thanks a lot for taking time to help
@diveo: kdenlive debug output should be activated by checking it in "kdebugdialog" (or "kdebugdialog --on kdenlive"?)
vpinon (administrator)
2014-02-19 20:52

remark: proxies in 720p/4Mbps?! wow, on my machine I must be satisfied with only 640x480@800kbps...
diveo (reporter)
2014-02-21 10:20

lsusb gives:
Bus 003 Device 010: ID 0b33:0030 Contour Design, Inc.

I cannot enable kdenlive debug output as Kdebugdialog does not list Kdenlive.
diveo (reporter)
2014-02-21 10:24

I'm talking about the keys, or buttons, on the ShuttlePRO v2. Both the ShuttlePRO v2 keys/buttons as well as the main keyboard do not cause lockups. Shuttling and jogging however does cause lockups.
diveo (reporter)
2014-02-21 10:31

My operating system is Linux/Kubuntu 13.10, kernel is 3.11.0-17-generic at this time. CPU is Intel Core i7-4770 @ 3.4GHz, 16 GB of RAM. Graphics card is AMD Radeon HD 7870 Ghz Edition. I've installed AMD's fglx graphics drivers as at this time the open source drivers are full of (performance) problems.
diveo (reporter)
2014-02-21 11:07

Except from "[mpegts @ 0x7f0cc4c11600] max_analyze_duration reached" I'm seeing no messages; in particular no messages shortly before Kdenlive hangs.
eddrog (developer)
2014-02-22 13:06

strange - it seems the dead lock happens in the higher levels (kdenlive playback) otherwise we should see some error messages from the shuttle driver! Ok we have to dive a little more in the deep!

Can you try to play the timeline with different speeds (forward/backward). Does it work without problems?

BTW: pressing a button produces 8 events and the jog/shuttle wheel only 2 or 4 :-))). The amount of messages is not the problem!

Please install the program evtest - sudo apt-get install evtest
 1) call evtest /dev/input/by-id/usb-Contour_Design ...
 2) press the buttons
 3) jog
 4) shuttle
 5) copy the output from console and paste it here
diveo (reporter)
2014-05-24 15:46

I've now used the new 0.9.8 release on Kubuntu 14.04 64 bit and find this to be quite stable. So far, no more Kdenlive lockups die to shuttling. Additionally, seems that there is also a workaround included for the swallowed events that do not happen due to Contour declaring relative events instead of absolute ones.

From my side I suppose to close this bug.
diveo (reporter)
2014-05-24 15:54

Erm, the swallow bug is still present. But the lockups seem to have gone.
eddrog (developer)
2014-09-29 11:13


Lockups are really gone?

What do you mean with swallow?
eddrog (developer)
2014-12-11 15:14

No feedback got yet. For me it works like expected!

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