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0003270KdenliveRenderingpublic2014-04-09 01:252014-04-10 21:28
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StatusresolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Platform64 bitOSGentoo LinuxOS Version
Product VersionRecent git 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0003270: Color shift in video from bitmaps
DescriptionVideo rendered from bitmaps has noticeable colorshift.
Steps To Reproduce1. open attached project
2. render it
3. compare to original color test pattern image
Additional Information0.9.6 also affected.
Maybe someone can test with melt? Or just post here some advise about melt's commandline to create video from pic and i will experiment with it.
TagsNo tags attached.
Build/Install MethodManual build from release
Attached Filesgz file icon colorshift.tar.gz [^] (335,530 bytes) 2014-04-09 01:25
png file icon look-at-green.png [^] (134,976 bytes) 2014-04-09 01:27

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varchar (reporter)
2014-04-09 01:42
edited on: 2014-04-09 14:23

Just discovered that colormatrix conversion with ffmpeg "-vf colormatrix=bt601:bt709" makes render look more close to original, but colors picked with pipette doesn't equal to original anyway.

Also no one of colorspace options in kdenlive (I tried them all) doesn's affect video from bitmaps.

Oh, I'm confused. All about colors in video, colorspaces, color conversions etc so complicated. Maybe this is not a bug really, don't know now, sorry then. Other bugs lowered my trust to kdenlive/mlt...

Why video rendered from bitmaps (not a color patterns, but real slides i work with) in kdenlive looks different from what ffmpeg produces from same bitmaps? ffmpeg ones looks closer to original. This is what I want from kdenlive output. Maybe i messed something with options... don't know now... Tried all options variants... and can't render without noticeable difference.

Sesse (developer)
2014-04-10 21:27

I've tried your test image with a bunch of different resolutions and output formats. It renders perfect for me every time; the display in ImageMagick matches exactly the overlay, which matches exactly what I see when I play the resulting video in avplay or VLC. (I'm using a calibrated display and flip back and forth between the two to catch even small differences.) Movit takes it as sRGB in, produces sRGB output, and then presumably something down the chain in MLT converts it to Rec. 601 if needed.

Closing as unreproducible.

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