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0003280KdenliveRenderingpublic2014-04-16 23:132014-09-12 15:09
Assigned Tovpinon 
StatusresolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformLinuxOSopenSUSEOS Version13.1
Product Version0.9.6 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0003280: Rendering a video causes a rendering crash
DescriptionI was able to render successfully my project. Then I "Saved As" it to another project, removed picture clips from it, added another in high resolution and got error like here: 0002859. Do not know why I had not this before, however I installed LADSPA and got new error:

(process:26966): GdkPixbuf-CRITICAL **: gdk_pixbuf_scale_simple: assertion 'dest_width > 0' failed
(process:26966): GdkPixbuf-CRITICAL **: gdk_pixbuf_get_has_alpha: assertion 'GDK_IS_PIXBUF (pixbuf)' failed (process:26966): GdkPixbuf-CRITICAL **: gdk_pixbuf_get_rowstride: assertion 'GDK_IS_PIXBUF (pixbuf)' failed
(process:26966): GdkPixbuf-CRITICAL **: gdk_pixbuf_get_pixels: assertion 'GDK_IS_PIXBUF (pixbuf)' failed
(process:26966): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_unref: assertion 'G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed
[NULL @ 0x7ff5747b6b60] [Eval @ 0x7ff578904540] Undefined constant or missing '(' in 'dct8x8' [NULL @ 0x7ff5747b6b60] Unable to parse option value "dct8x8"
[NULL @ 0x7ff5747b6b60] [Eval @ 0x7ff578904540] Invalid chars '.6' at the end of expression '0.6' [NULL @ 0x7ff5747b6b60] Unable to parse option value "0.6"

I am still able to render original project.
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Build/Install MethodDistribution package
Attached Files? file icon 1.kdenlive [^] (14,212 bytes) 2014-04-16 23:15

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AlekseyK (reporter)
2014-04-16 23:16
edited on: 2014-04-16 23:17

Steps to reproduce:

1. Save As project with another name
2. Remove picture clips from it.
3. Added new picture clip with high resolution
4. Render.

AlekseyK (reporter)
2014-04-16 23:19

Output from command line:

> kdenlive
QWidget::insertAction: Attempt to insert null action
QWidget::insertAction: Attempt to insert null action
kdenlive(1394) Render::checkMaxThreads: // TRACTOR PROBLEM
//STARTING RENDERING: true , false , "/usr/bin/melt" , "atsc_720p_25" , "avformat" , "-" , "/tmp/kde-aleksey/kdenliveSN1394.mlt" , "/home/aleksey/kdenlive/???????? ? ???????.mp4" , () , ("f=mp4", "hq=1", "acodec=aac", "ab=384k", "ar=48000", "pix_fmt=yuv420p", "vcodec=libx264", "minrate=0", "vb=12000k", "g=250", "bf=3", "b_strategy=1", "subcmp=2", "cmp=2", "coder=1", "flags=+loop", "flags2=dct8x8", "qmax=51", "subq=7", "qmin=10", "qcomp=0.6", "qdiff=4", "trellis=1", "aspect=@16/9", "pass=1", "an=1", "threads=4", "real_time=-3", "passlogfile=/home/aleksey/kdenlive/???????? ? ???????.mp4.log") , -1 , -1
Started render process: "/usr/bin/melt" "/tmp/kde-aleksey/kdenliveSN1394.mlt -profile atsc_720p_25 -consumer avformat:/home/aleksey/kdenlive/???????? ? ???????.mp4 progress=1 f=mp4 hq=1 acodec=aac ab=384k ar=48000 pix_fmt=yuv420p vcodec=libx264 minrate=0 vb=12000k g=250 bf=3 b_strategy=1 subcmp=2 cmp=2 coder=1 flags=+loop flags2=dct8x8 qmax=51 subq=7 qmin=10 qcomp=0.6 qdiff=4 trellis=1 aspect=@16/9 pass=1 an=1 threads=4 real_time=-3 passlogfile=/home/aleksey/kdenlive/???????? ? ???????.mp4.log"
"Rendering of /home/aleksey/kdenlive/???????? ? ???????.mp4 aborted, resulting video will probably be corrupted."
AlekseyK (reporter)
2014-04-18 19:50

Reduced size of "???????? ??? ??????? 1652.png" file to 1080p - 1.6MB (original size is 3339x3290, 14MB) and changed its name to english characters without spaces - renders successfully now. So problem is in characters set or in image resolution.
vpinon (administrator)
2014-08-19 01:47

Sorry for late answer,
The problem during render is in MLT.
Could you try to do the test to determine what makes it fail between resolution (unlikely) and special character (which one)?

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