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0000345KdenliveRenderingpublic2008-11-12 12:062011-06-11 08:49
Assigned Tomadsdyd 
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Summary0000345: Capture inigo error to log or screen

My source file was a 15fps screencast.
I am testing export profiles and modigfying them.

When testing mpeg2ts export profile using ffmpeg command lines,
ffmeg sent the error "Mpeg2 cannot handle 15fps".

This would be interesting to be able to capture inigo errors related to ffmpeg.
For users, this would be quite usefull.

For example, you understand that a 15fps screencast cannot be exported to DVD.

Kind regards,
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madsdyd (administrator)
2008-11-12 16:58

Is this reported from inigo in some way?
madsdyd (administrator)
2008-11-12 22:24

Missed 0.7.0 on this one
ddennedy (developer)
2008-12-08 23:01

The MLT consumer_avformat needs to be more verbose, but right now MLT does not have a logging facility. So, regardless if kdenlive_render decides to use lib or inigo, messages will go to stderr. I could add a properties list to the consumer that holds multiple errors if kdenlive_render decides to go with the lib interface.
cinephiliac (updater)
2008-12-10 22:11

Changing to acknowledged as this doesn't seem to be waiting for any user feedback.
jmpoure (developer)
2008-12-17 22:47

I think we can turn it into feature request. Low urgency.
madsdyd (administrator)
2008-12-20 18:24

I have added some logging functionality to svn rev 2810.

I do not have a way to provoke ffmpeg errors, so I am not totally sure it works for all ffmpeg errors.

The intention with the logging is mostly to allow resolving the issues we may have with people filing "Preview is fine, but my rendered file is empty/broken". We have had a few of these on irc lately, and we really lack the information needed to help them resolve it.

So, command line parameters and content of westly is logged, as well as *all* output to sterr.

jmpoure, please test if possibly and if it is enough to close this issue.
madsdyd (administrator)
2008-12-23 21:32

After talking to jb, it is clear that we need to show some kind of dialog if the render process fails.

The only question is really if we should kdialog for this, or create a dialog ourselves.

Currently kdialog is actually used, but is not required by Kdenlive...

Also, kdialog is not good at showing large files, it is *extremely* slow in showing them. So, if the log grows due to a large number of frames prior to failure, it will be very slow in opening.

Assigned to me - I will do a followup, after talking to jb.
jmpoure (developer)
2009-06-29 10:16

Closing bug.
xzhayon (developer)
2009-06-29 12:44

actually, this is still active... mads made some changes days ago, and he plans to do some more

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