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0000461KdenliveEffectspublic2008-12-13 14:362011-11-24 14:33
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Product VersionRecent git 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000461: Creating a "split screen" video
DescriptionJoining two videos into one screen is difficult to achieve at the moment, and its less than intuitive. An effect that displays two / several scaled videos in one screen would be greatly appreciated.

so far I
1. put three clips on top of each other, the upper and the middle clip will be the clips being displayed, the 3rd clip will form the background.
2. add composite transition to the 2nd clip, so between the 2nd and the 3rd clip, select the transition and choose with the lower left icon "resize=50%". repeat this with the 1st clip, so that there is a transition between the 1st and the 2nd clip. Do the resizing.
3. Change both transitions to AffineComposite. Maybe redo scaling and positioning, switch back to normal Composite.

Sometimes this results in the effect I try to accomplish, sometimes it doesn't. At first it looked like this feature is enabled through a bug when switching from normal composite to Affine and then back to normal results in the "split screen" effect, but atm I am clueless what kind of magic is at work. I tried several times to evaluate a reproduceable way, but I couldnt recognize one.
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Build/Install MethodBuild Wizard
Attached Files? file icon split_screen.kdenlive [^] (7,883 bytes) 2009-01-02 18:34
? file icon figur_f_1.kdenlive [^] (35,293 bytes) 2009-01-02 18:34
jpeg file icon onlyupperleft.jpeg [^] (40,119 bytes) 2009-01-02 18:48

? file icon working_split_screen.kdenlive [^] (6,315 bytes) 2009-02-11 22:31

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related to 0000458closed trying to use the composite effect for displaying to (video-)sources besides each other 
related to 0000460closed composite transitions crash kdenlive 

-  Notes
cinephiliac (updater)
2008-12-15 08:43

Acknowledged as a wishlist to have a simple method of displaying multiple video clips side by side.
madsdyd (administrator)
2009-01-02 18:09

jappel: Could you attach the kdenlive "template" file you are writing about in [^]

jappel (reporter)
2009-01-02 18:45

madsdyd: avec plaisir. I attached two files:

figur_f_1.kdenlive is an unmodified version of what produced with

ffmeg: 16078
mlt: 1263
mlt: ++ 1263
kdenlive: 2777
qt: 4.4.3
kde: 4.1.3

something like this: [^]

the split screen transition is towards the end of the clip. However, with
ffmpeg: Revision: 16397
mlt: Revision: 1301
mlt++: Revision: 1301
kdenlive: Revision: 2859
Qt: 4.4.3
KDE: 4.1.85 (KDE 4.1.85 (KDE 4.2 Beta2))
Kdenlive: 0.7.1

the split screen-effect has moved to the upper left, and is no longer fullscreen. I do not know wheather this is related to the fact that I use different program versions than or that i moved around the video-files so that kdenlive no longer finds them and marks them as "invalid clip" in the timeline. The automatic search found them, but the effect is still only visible in the upper left. I ll attach a screenshot soon.

split_screen.kdenlive is a cleaned file, where only three color clips and the transitions exist. The kdenlive-file suffers from the "upper left" problem as well with the 0.7.1 version. I'd like to add that I went through a lot of crashes while moving / removing all clips except the transitions from the timeline of figur_f_1.kdenlive, maybe it is interesting for you to look into them as well.

Thank you for taking care,

jappel (reporter)
2009-02-11 22:35

I just added a file that includes a working split screen effect (working_split_screen.kdenlive it is). It works fine with the following revisions:

ffmpeg: Revision: 16910 Last Changed Date: 2009-02-01 01:20:45 +0100 (Sun, 01 Feb 2009)
mlt: Revision: 1335 Last Changed Date: 2009-02-01 01:45:44 +0100 (Sun, 01 Feb 2009)
mlt++: Revision: 1335 Last Changed Date: 2009-01-26 19:32:03 +0100 (Mon, 26 Jan 2009)
kdenlive: Revision: 3020 Last Changed Date: 2009-02-01 00:04:00 +0100 (Sun, 01 Feb 2009)
Qt: 4.4.3
KDE: 4.2.00 (KDE 4.2.0)
Kdenlive: 0.7.1

have fun,


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2009-01-02 18:34 jappel File Added: figur_f_1.kdenlive
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