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0000471KdenliveUser Interfacepublic2008-12-15 10:592010-11-14 22:08
Assigned Tomadsdyd 
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Product VersionRecent git 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000471: Clean up default keyboard shortcuts - add defaults for all applicable actions
DescriptionThis request/task is about going through all actions and check that meaningfull default keyboard shorcuts exists for all.

Presenting a list of them on the -devel list and get approval, then patching is also part of this task.

Also; some sort of documentation for the ones not visable in settings? (The mouse ones?)
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Attached Files? file icon kdenlive-shortcuts-draft.ods [^] (21,394 bytes) 2009-01-29 10:13

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related to 0000652closedj-b-m Add keyboard shortcuts for zone start and zone end 
parent of 0000370closed enhanced play shortcuts 
parent of 0000317closedGranjow Add default shortcut keys to select Razor/Select/Spacer tool 
related to 0000518acknowledged shortcut to activate project monitor/timeline 
related to 0000514acknowledged Predefined zoom levels to ease precision editing 

-  Notes
cinephiliac (updater)
2008-12-15 12:47
edited on: 2008-12-15 12:49

Potential actions for keybindings:
{bug#}: {name} ({suggestion}):

370: Play selection (ctrl+space?)
370: Loop selection (shift+space?)
317: Selection tool (s?)
317: Razor tool (r?)
317: Spacer tool
317: Similar future tools that don't yet exist? (???)

Not requested, but outstanding:

000: Add guide
000: Add marker
000: Delete marker
000: Delete guide
000: Delete clip (from Project Tree)
000: Edit clip (in Project Tree)
000: Edit marker
000: Edit guide
000: Zoom to fit project
000: Insert space
000: Remove space
000: Insert track
000: Paste effects
000: Save as (Ctrl+Shift+S?)
000: Show audio thumbnails
000: Show video thumbnails
000: Show markers
000: Snap
000: Change clip speed
000: Add effect
000: Add transition
000: Add color clip
000: Add slideshow
000: Add title
000: Add clip

Lower priority possibilities:

Move between project tabs (Crtl+Tab?)
Rewind - clip monitor (different from rewind 1 frame)
Forward - clip monitor (different from forward 1 frame)
Resize 100% - clip monitor (Ctrl ++)
Resize 50% - clip monitor (Ctrl +-)
Extract frame - clip monitor
Set current image as thumbnail - clip monitor
Connect - Record monitor
Configure - Record monitor
Record - Record monitor
Effect list: all
Effect list: audio
Effect list: video
Effect list: custom
Effect stack: New effect
Effect stack: Move effect up
Effect stack: Move effect down
Effect stack: Reset effect
Effect stack: Save effect
Effect stack: Delete effect
Insert track
Delete track

There are a few from the shortcut config that aren't listed here, but do we really need a shortcut for Download New Luma's and things like that?

grin (reporter)
2008-12-18 10:28

key "1": Zoom timeline default (2 minutes span)
key "2": Zoom timeline "magnifying glass" (2 seconds span)
key "3": Zoom timeline user1 (user defined, like 10 minutes span)
key "4": Zoom timeline user2 (user defined, like 60 minutes span)
key "5": Zoom timeline user3 (user defined, like 10 seconds span)
key "6": Zoom timeline user4 (user defined)
key "7": Zoom timeline user5 (user defined)
key "8": any interesting future zoom idea
key "9": any interesting future zoom idea
key "0": Zoom timeline fit to project
madsdyd (administrator)
2008-12-22 22:39

Some updates.

Cinephiliac, big thanks for the overview! And, I do not think we should (default) shortcut *everything* mostly because we may need the shortcuts in the future! :-)

Grin: Most of these zoom actions are not currently implemented, right? So, we need you to file a feature request. But, we *can* consider *reserving* relevant keys for future features. I think we should do that, really.

I'll be back with another update later.
madsdyd (administrator)
2008-12-23 18:13

Update on this: Still working on an overview, and suggestions for new/updated defaults. Luckily there is not much implementation in this, but some discussion may be required..
Weevil (reporter)
2008-12-24 16:39

Bring back the shift+up / shift+down for moving a selected clip to another track like in the KDE3 version! I miss it... but I'm a short-cutty kinda guy.
reinhard (reporter)
2009-01-27 23:38

Missing entries in 'configure shortcut' dialog for transition widget actions + suggestions:

- go to next keyframe (ctrl + alt + right arrow)
- go to previous keyframe (ctrl + alt + left arrow)
- add keyframe (ctrl + alt + insert)
- delete keyframe (ctrl + alt + delete)
Granjow (developer)
2009-01-29 08:38

This doesn't seem logic to me:
370: Play selection (ctrl+space?)
370: Loop selection (shift+space?)
Looping the section is like an extended «play section», so it would also need to be an extended shortcut like shift-ctrl-space. Avoids confusion.
madsdyd (administrator)
2009-01-29 10:19

Hi all

Just attached a draft of the suggested shortcuts, which were sent to the devel list about a month ago, but which nobody has commented on.

Re playback:

space: normal playback
+ctrl: selection
+shift: loop.

I understand this is "standard" among video editors.

However, I found this: [^]

Indicating that shift+space is reverse. That actually makes sense.

Please review the attached document, would be great to discuss it.
reinhard (reporter)
2009-01-30 00:11

Since the J and L keys controls playback in both directions I would like to suggest to stick with the J key for reverse playback.
The actual behaviour just could be changed a bit this way, for example:

J key:
- Press J key once will start reverse playback at normal speed (actually it's double speed i think)
- Press J key again increase reverse playback to double speed
- and so on...

L key:
- same as J key, but in forward direction

K key:
- Press K key to pause the actual playback
- Press K key again to continue with last used playback state
madsdyd (administrator)
2009-01-31 17:04

Moved to 0.7.3
Granjow (developer)
2009-06-17 10:41

Other suggestion:

s: Select is okay (like e.g. Inkscape)
x: Razor (x looks like the Razor symbol; r depends on the language)
m: Spacer (for «move»; depends on the language too, but m is also used in Gimp for moving objects.)

I think there are lots of people looking forward to shortcuts. [^] ?
Applying at [^] ?

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