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0000049KdenliveUser Interfacepublic2007-12-06 18:242010-09-22 17:54
Assigned ToLeHomard 
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Target Version0.7.8Fixed in Version0.7.8 
Summary0000049: Would be EXTREMELY valuable to know the 'frame-number' position
DescriptionIn addition to knowing a 'time-value' for where in a clip
the current position is, it would be VERY helpful if
I could know the relative FRAME#.
Additional InformationAs just one example, I want to do something relatively
trivial, such as chop off the 'extra-tail' data on a
clip. And, also, let's say I plan anyway to pass
the rendered output of Kdenlive thru 'ffmpeg' to
do some other minor characteristic tweak.

Then, if I could use Kdenlive just to determine the FRAME#
that I wanted to truncate at, I could then
go do the whole job in just ONE STEP (i.e. in 'ffmpeg')
and use the FRAME# value as an arg to 'ffmpeg'.

[Maybe this is already possible!? If so, please tell me how
to determine frame# of current postion.]
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madsdyd (administrator)
2008-10-13 16:21

In current SVN (2457) there is an area in the lower right corner, where one con toggle between showing a timestamp, or frames. However, this reflects the position of the cursor (the little hand) in the timeline, not the current showing frame in the timeline or clip monitor.

Additionally, the display is not updated when changing between the two display formats, only when moving the cursor around in the timeline.

A way to get the feature that the reporter requests, would be to implement the following:

a) Follow the Frames/hh:tt:mm::ff format selected also for Timeline monitor and Clip monitor
b) Optionally: update the display of frames/time, whenever the user selects a new display style in the drop down box in the lower right corner

a) provides useful functionality, while b) is mostly to for consistency - should be easy(?) to implement.
madsdyd (administrator)
2008-10-13 16:21

Changed priority to low.
LeHomard (developer)
2010-04-10 13:57

Checked in current svn, the feature is implemented (timestamp or frame number visible in the project monitor).

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