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0000511KdenliveUser Interfacepublic2008-12-22 16:332011-11-22 05:42
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Summary0000511: Clip management made easier
DescriptionA day or two ago I made some suggestions in Madsdyd's thread 'Please help us redesign the new render dialog/workflow'. Some were off topic, so I repeat these in this new thread.

Some background. I have about 120 clips (AVI files in MPEG-4-part2 format) and want to merge these into one big AVI file after some editing. Did not need menus or effects although a menu would have been a bonus.

I tried several products (Kdenlive, Kino, PiTiVi, ManDVD and some other authoring products (forgotten)) that offered editing. After two weeks I had not been able to accomplish anything.

Forgetting the bugs/quirks, all products were extremely awkward to use. I first had to select AVI clips that ended up as a part list in the GUI and then drag clips individually to a timeline workarea. Dragging 120 video clips of course is tedious beyond description. Kdenlive delete operations left white gaps in the timeline area. Unkind and unhelpful. I expected the editor to close the gap and move all subsequent clips accordingly, like a text editor.

I have never done any video-editing before and was surprised by the very poor support offered for clip management by all products, which to me seemed just to computerise the manual process of cutting and splicing celluloid.

Computers can do a lot better than that.


GUI clip lists

Clips are files. It is natural to put clip files into a directory on the PC, for example by using software shipped with camcorders. Clips/files in a directory can be easily moved into list controls of a GUI. At any time such a list specifies the clips to use and their order. The GUI should provide operations to resequence items in the list.

Handling deletions - Exclusion zones

Cutting defines exclusion zones in the data, the data itself should not be touched. The feedback display and the generation of final AVI data would just ignore the exclusion zones. An exclusion zone is defined by a start and end point. It would be useful for Kdenlive to allow the start and endpoints of several exclusion zones for a clip with only one active at a time, so the user can experiment before making a final decision.

Inclusion of non-clips

It must be possible to include text, text & audio, textured blanks or other effects at cuts or between clips.

Addressing and navigation

Clips are natural units and the user should be able to address these via the list control in the GUI. It should also be possible to specify and navigate to clips that have been edited, clips with exclusion zones, clips with effects, to non-clip inclusions and to exclusion zones within clips. During editing, a cut is also a natural unit for addressing and navigation.

Immediate feedback

All navigation should result in live and immediate feedback. Kdenlive should allow the user to view the effect of editing, especially before and after cuts and between clips while editing as well as during navigation. And of course, it should be possible to view the whole creation from first to last clip while still in view/edit mode.

Simplified operation and implementation

This approach eliminates the awful dragging and fiddling with the timeline area. The latter is not needed at all and should be ditched because it is a trouble maker for users and implementors.

Common clip operation then reduces to: click directory with clips, optionally edit some clips and press Save to get a result file.


Simple text menus as well as fancy text menus with stroked characters with gradient fills fit within this framework at the user level. Potential menu goto destinations would be exactly the points of navigation, e.g. start of clips, and the menus themselves would be non-clip inclusions typically inserted before the first clip.
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orbspider (reporter)
2011-11-22 05:42

1. CNTRL-A select all clips and drag to the timeline

2. the timeline is used for adding effects on a second track or overlapping video/audio

3. its ok to cut up clips when in the timeline (razor tool) but it leaves white space when hitting delete. Definite need for a Take out button that closes the gap. This would save lots of mouse work.

4. it would be nice also to have ability to set a zone in a clip for exclusion, before adding the clip to the timeline. But I realise that having two different methods for cutting parts could get complicated.

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