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0000653KdenliveRenderingpublic2009-02-02 20:572010-08-12 10:53
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Summary0000653: alternatives under HDV in rendering dialog is gone.
DescriptionI was exploring the alternatives in the Run Config Wizard where it says Checking MLT engine and Available codecs (avformat). After that when I render there are no alternatives for HDV. If I downgrade from version 0.7.2 to 0.7.1 I can choose HDV PAL 1080i.
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IngeSv (reporter)
2009-02-02 20:58

After that it takes mor than a minute after I press Next the first time in the Run Config Wizard before I can see something happen.
IngeSv (reporter)
2009-02-02 21:43

I now see that all alternatives for rendering except Raw DV are gone.
administrator (administrator)
2009-02-02 21:58

Can you please post here the result of the following command:

inigo colour:red -consumer avformat vcodec=list

Just to make sure that your MLT install is working... Maybe you could also try to delete the file:

And see if it works better when restarting kdenlive.
administrator (administrator)
2009-02-02 22:34

Hmmm, I just realized the problem. Kdenlive 0.7.2 requires MLT's latest svn to work. I am waiting to see if it is possible to release a new version of MLT quickly, otherwise I will release a new Kdenlie package fix that issue.
IngeSv (reporter)
2009-02-03 09:30
edited on: 2009-02-03 09:31

I'm not sure you want the outcome of inigo colour:red -consumer avformat vcodec=list
It gave thousands of pages of unreadable things plus something a couldn't read because it scrolled up.

When I deleted $HOME/.kde4/share/config/kdenliverc it solved the problem. I use KDE4.
Thank you for your quick response!

madsdyd (administrator)
2009-04-13 20:35

svn commit 3026 added support for not querying mlt, if version < 0.3.5.

This should fix this. Please test and report here. Thanks.
IngeSv (reporter)
2009-04-14 09:43

Sorry. First I don't know how to do this and second I don't know how to fix my installation if this doesn't work.

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