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0000952KdenliveRenderingpublic2009-06-22 14:242010-12-26 10:40
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Summary0000952: Scripts do not run after clicking start.
DescriptionI have a problem where the script does not run/render after queuing it. For example:
-I select the render options and then click on the generate script button.
-I can do that a few times to set up different renders and it queues up separate scripts for each as expected.
-Then I switch tab and start a few of the scripts, still okay.
-The first script usually runs, but the next script that is queued indicates it's waiting never starts when the first one ends. I also cannot re-start the script after it doesn't work the first time.

Currently on most recent SVN/GIT of kdenlive and mlt as of June 21, 2009
Thanks, Geoff
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Build/Install MethodManual build from SVN
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gsking1 (reporter)
2009-06-22 14:25

I think the category should be classified as "rendering" rather than MLT. Sorry for that.
administrator (administrator)
2009-06-23 21:27

Ok, I could reproduce the problem when the script has a wrong command in it. I just committed a few checks that should help prevent such issues in the future (at least it indicates a wrong script with a special icon).
gsking1 (reporter)
2009-06-25 02:16

I tried again using rev. 3633. This time it stopped on the second file and said something like 'rendering crashed' on the line and had the red icon which is nice. The next 3 files queued did not start and had the paused icon.

I then went into the script folder and manually ran each of the scripts (for example sh and each ran fine and generated files seem okay. There were no crash messages they do not appear to crash. Why would the script job queue think rendering was not successful and stop?

Also, it may be better to continue on to the next queued job in the event of an error.

Thanks for all your effort. Geoff
gsking1 (reporter)
2009-06-27 03:23

I wanted to add that it works as expected if I use the "Render to File" option.
gsking1 (reporter)
2009-08-17 03:57

FYI - I'm still having problems with the generate script option. The script file shows up under the Scripts tab, but the only option that is clickable is "Close". The "Start Script" and "Delete Script" options are grayed out.

As noted above, rendering works as expected if I use the "Render to File" option.

System is now using latest kdenlive svn (rev3831) and latest mlt.

Thanks, Geoff
Granjow (developer)
2010-12-26 10:40

I can confirm that. The problem still exists in current SVN.

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