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0000096KdenliveEffectspublic2008-02-27 12:402008-11-12 23:00
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Target VersionFixed in Version0.7.0 beta 
Summary0000096: crash on applying Auto Mask effect
DescriptionApplying the Auto Mask effect to a clip on the TimeLine crashes kdenlive.
Additional InformationKdenlive 0.6.0-svn (Using KDE 3.5.7 "release 72.6" openSUSE 10.3)

Here's the output from 'gdb kdenlive';

* all (no debugging symbols found) replaced with --

(gdb) run

Starting program: /opt/kde3/bin/kdenlive

(no debugging symbols found)

[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]

[New Thread 0xb683caa0 (LWP 16650)]



[New Thread 0xb4f48b90 (LWP 16657)]

[New Thread 0xb4747b90 (LWP 16658)]

[Thread 0xb4f48b90 (LWP 16657) exited]

[Thread 0xb4747b90 (LWP 16658) exited]

[New Thread 0xb4747b90 (LWP 16659)]

[New Thread 0xb4f48b90 (LWP 16660)]

[Thread 0xb4747b90 (LWP 16659) exited]

[Thread 0xb4f48b90 (LWP 16660) exited]

[New Thread 0xb4f48b90 (LWP 16661)]

[New Thread 0xb4747b90 (LWP 16662)]

[Thread 0xb4f48b90 (LWP 16661) exited]

[Thread 0xb4747b90 (LWP 16662) exited]

[New Thread 0xb4747b90 (LWP 16664)]

[New Thread 0xb4f48b90 (LWP 16666)]

[New Thread 0xb39f3b90 (LWP 16667)]

[New Thread 0xb31f2b90 (LWP 16668)]

[Thread 0xb4747b90 (LWP 16664) exited]

[Thread 0xb4f48b90 (LWP 16666) exited]

[New Thread 0xb4f48b90 (LWP 16669)]

[New Thread 0xb4747b90 (LWP 16670)]

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.

[Switching to Thread 0xb4f48b90 (LWP 16669)]

0xb6cf3e03 in mlt_geometry_fetch () from /usr/lib/

(gdb) bt

# 0 0xb6cf3e03 in mlt_geometry_fetch () from /usr/lib/

# 1 0x0000015e in ?? ()
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madsdyd (administrator)
2008-10-24 20:06

Unable to reproduce in current Kdenlive for KDE4, rev. 2550.


It appears this bug was filed against the KDE3/qt3 version of Kdenlive. Due to a shortage of developers, this version is no longer supported (see [^]), and this issue has been closed.

If you believe this is an error, or can reproduce this issue using the KDE4/qt4 version of Kdenlive, please file a new report.

If you have trouble building/obtaining the KDE4/qt4 version of Kdenlive, please consult [^]

You may especially be interessted in the Kdenlive Builder Wizard, available at [^] .

Note, that you do not need to run KDE4 to build and run the Kdenlive KDE4 version.

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2008-02-27 12:40 Weevil New Issue
2008-10-24 20:06 madsdyd Note Added: 0000661
2008-10-24 20:06 madsdyd Status new => closed
2008-10-24 20:06 madsdyd Resolution open => fixed
2008-10-24 20:06 madsdyd Fixed in Version => Recent git
2008-11-12 23:00 madsdyd Fixed in Version Recent git => 0.7.0 beta

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