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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0003240103 User Interfacecrashfeedback (Steve Guilford)2015-01-21Fast undo/redo actions crash kdenlive
  000278121 User Interfaceminorassigned (vpinon)2014-09-29remove space and "clip in project" function not working for grouped clips
  000291714   User Interfacemajorclosed (j-b-m)2013-04-07Grouped clips in timeline can not be ungrouped
  000290510   User Interfaceminorclosed (j-b-m)2013-04-07Timeline corruption on moving clips in timeline
  00029072   User Interfaceminorclosed (j-b-m)2013-01-28In view menu button is not unchecked if appropriate view is closed
  00029233   User Interfaceminorclosed (j-b-m)2013-01-28move fresh splitted clip possible to locked audio track
  00028302   User Interfacemajorclosed (j-b-m)2013-01-28moving slitted clips in timeline selected with CTRL+A not possible
  0002724183 User Interfaceminorclosed (j-b-m)2013-01-28bad seeking on running/playing transport
  000278022 User Interfacecrashclosed (j-b-m)2013-01-28crash when moving audio signal view and a wav is in project
  000277932 User Interfacecrashclosed (j-b-m)2013-01-28crash when rgb scope activated and playing audio
  00028292   User Interfaceminorclosed (j-b-m)2013-01-28split audio only works for one clip althogh all clips were selected [CTRL+A]
  00028132   Build Systemblockclosed (j-b-m)2013-01-28kdenlive compilation error
  00028065   User Interfacefeatureclosed (eddrog)2013-01-28move playhead to mouse position on key press [p-key]
  000276861 User Interfacetweakassigned (j-b-m)2012-10-16on drag'n'drop video effect into timeline clip effect not shown (updated) in effect magazin
  0000314141 User Interfacecrashclosed (madsdyd)2010-02-20Crash when editing text clip properties
  000029319   MLTmajorclosed2008-12-29Render does not start with a full frame


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