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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00012882   File Loadingfeatureresolved (vpinon)2014-12-10Feature Request: Adding a folder to the project tree
  00033221   User Interfaceminorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-19Crash when edit project file
  000334471 Renderingfeatureresolved (vpinon)2014-08-08Add support to encode projects in the .mkv container format (Matroska)
  0003237372 MLTfeatureresolved (vpinon)2014-08-06Make filters on GPU (Movit based) optional
  000326343 User Interfacecrashresolved (j-b-m)2014-08-06Clip Monitor: disabling "Real Time (drop frames)"
  0002643323 Capturemajorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-05Screen Grab - Capture crashed, please check your parameters
  000325042 MLTcrashresolved (j-b-m)2014-08-05Support for MLT threads > 1 is broken (with patch: very jerky) after OpenGL integration
  000321362 User Interfaceminorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-05When loading project, project monitor does not update initially
  00032832   MLTcrashresolved (j-b-m)2014-08-05Again: Crash when enabling "View -> Waveform"
  000328131 File Loadingcrashresolved (vpinon)2014-08-05Keeps crashing before it starts!!
  00033183   User Interfaceminorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-05Spacer tool not moving all tracks
  00031762   Capturecrashresolved (vpinon)2014-08-05Capture crashed, please check your parameters
  000323311 Effectscrashresolved (vpinon)2014-08-05Crash upon moving cursor on timeline
  0003229101 MLTcrashresolved (vpinon)2014-08-05Crash when tried to pick a ogg sound file
  000325911 File Loadingcrashresolved (vpinon)2014-08-05Crash after dragging video file to project tree
  000328221 File Loadingcrashresolved (vpinon)2014-08-05Keeps crashing before it starts!!
  000329354 File Loadingcrashresolved (vpinon)2014-08-05Crashed while movind video to video timeline
  00022225   Renderingblockresolved (j-b-m)2014-08-01Current version completely unusable
  000331621 Transitionscrashresolved (vpinon)2014-08-01Crashed while creating timeline markers
  00032904   User Interfacecrashclosed (vpinon)2014-06-25Kdenlive crashes before UI comes up
  00032144   User Interfacemajorresolved (eddrog)2014-05-24Kdenlive does not detect ShuttlePRO v2 on newer Linux distributions


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