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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00019951   File Loadingminorclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10Applying advanced clipping settings in the project tree which includes folders with contents the folder contents are not amended
  00020063   File Loadingmajorclosed (ddennedy)2011-06-10Cannot find an NTSC 1080 60p profile for rendering
  00020042   User Interfaceminorclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10kdenlive asks to save changes twice when closing a modified document
  00020036   Renderingmajorclosed (ddennedy)2011-06-10Audio sync with .mov input files
  000201931 User Interfacemajorclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10Unable to delete/move cut clips
  000201021 Renderingmajorclosed (ddennedy)2011-06-10Rendering to .vob (dvd profile) sound track muted
  00020236   File Loadingfeatureclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10Enabling/disabling a proxy clip should set the project status to «changed»
  00020211   User Interfacetrivialclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10option to import images with transparent as default
  000202721 File Loadingminorclosed (ttill)2011-06-10Clip groups loaded incorrectly
  00020267   MLTblockclosed (ddennedy)2011-06-10Speed effekt is broken. Deadlock?
  00020254   User Interfaceminorclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10Proxy clips not enabled when creating new project
  00020373   MLTminorclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10No audio at all when one audio track is muted (testcase attached)
  00020362   User Interfaceminorclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10Loading project: Remember which folders were expanded (and which were NOT)
  00020345   User Interfaceblockclosed (ttill)2011-06-10Segfault when working with Composite effect and titles
  00020322   User Interfaceminorclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10Proxy clips don't get generated automatically
  00020316   Build Systemblockclosed (ttill)2011-06-10fails to build with Qt 4.5
  000205121 User Interfaceminorclosed (Granjow)2011-06-10Default layout too large?
  000204231 User Interfacecrashclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10Undoing "Cut Clip" on a clip with edited duration crashes Kdenlive
  00020541   Effectsminorclosed (ttill)2011-06-10Not able to disable effect to use the eye-dropper widget
  00020521   User Interfacetweakclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10Focus switches to effect stack tab when moving clip from project tree tab to timeline
  00020671   User Interfaceminorclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10Editing title clips won't update their instances in the timeline
  00020622   User Interfaceminorclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10Set current image as thumbnail no longer working.
  000205561 File Loadingcrashclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10Crash when loading file from a month ago.
  00020703   File Loadingminorclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10After dragging a clip to the timeline, focus switches to Effect Stack
  000207711 Build Systemminorclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10Fix for all existing warnings while compiling
  00020712   User Interfaceminorclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10Themes don-t work properly
  00021032   Renderingminorclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10Rendering of speed effect : distorted videos when using proxy on HD
  00002792   User Interfacefeatureclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10Ask user to change projekt profile if first added clip has resolution or other properties different from project profile
  000099731 File Loadingminorclosed (ttill)2011-06-10kdenlive really slow to open a big project
  00007566   User Interfacefeatureclosed (ttill)2011-06-10feature request resize multipple clips
  00004811   User Interfacefeatureclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10save/recall widget layout
  00011822   User Interfaceminorclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10when doping an effect on a track it should become selected
  00016158   User Interfaceminorclosed2011-06-10Effectlist expand only with Enter-key, no double mouse click.
  00016834   User Interfacefeatureclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10Monitors: Fullscreen mode
  00016612   User Interfaceminorclosed (ttill)2011-06-10DVD menu with >9 chapters
  000175422 User Interfacefeatureclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10Different layout for color correction and effects
  00017122   User Interfaceminorclosed (ttill)2011-06-10Insert Track should ask for the track name
  0001711161 MLTcrashclosed (ddennedy)2011-06-10Crash when loading project
  00017742   Effectsmajorclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10Saved effects should be stored in the project file for transportability
  00017682   User Interfacefeatureclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10Add Notes to projects
  000176212   MLTcrashclosed (ddennedy)2011-06-10Segfault in consumer_sdl_still.c when loading project
  000176113   MLTcrashclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10Segfault in mlt_properties.c when loading project
  00018121   File Loadingfeatureclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10kdenlive should have ability to import clips from commandline
  000179821 User Interfaceminorclosed2011-06-10effect list
  00018181   User Interfacecrashclosed (Granjow)2011-06-10Segfault when loading WAV file
  00018152   Effectscrashclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10Crash when moving effect slider applied to the track
  00018143   Effectsmajorclosed (ddennedy)2011-06-10Adding Crop effect turns clip black
  00018242   Build Systemmajorclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10Don't buikd with Qt 4.5
  000182231 Effectscrashclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10Crash on adding color effect to whole track
  000183341 File Loadingblockclosed (j-b-m)2011-06-10After yesterday's update (SVN), no longer able to play any type of audio stream in the timeline: "src ratio outside *** range"
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