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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00033903   MLTmajorresolved (vpinon)2015-01-03melt getting all available memory until crash the system
  0003425    Renderingminornew2015-01-021440p rendered as 1442p
  0003424 1 Effectscrashnew2015-01-02Error adding title when a video clip is already with the effect Freeza on it.
  000342213 User Interfaceminornew2015-01-02Title Clip - Rectangle not updating to interface
  0003421 1 Effectsminornew2014-12-30Affine transition clips images before frame edges
  00034028   User Interfaceminorassigned (j-b-m)2014-12-25List of Supported camcorders broken?
  00031751   File Loadingminoracknowledged2014-12-25Move the project breaks the slow motion effect
  00031641   File Loadingminorresolved2014-12-25Crash when renaming, moving or deleting file outside of Kdenlive
  00031782   Effectscrashresolved2014-12-25Kdenlive crashes when applying key spill mop up.
  000318711 MLTminorresolved2014-12-25Crash when playing back timeline
  00032001   User Interfacemajorresolved2014-12-25Audio clips disappear after pressing "Home" on keyboard
  000319111 Effectscrashresolved2014-12-25Crash when using Auto Mask
  00032111   User Interfaceminornew2014-12-25Slideshow Clip is incorrectly rendered in the Clip Monitor
  00034154   Renderingminorresolved (ttguy)2014-12-25FFmpeg recording freezes
  000342011 Build Systemcrashresolved2014-12-25Crash*
  00026815   User Interfacefeatureresolved2014-12-21Simple cutting of unwanted video pieces
  00034092   Renderingmajorresolved2014-12-21Kdenlive not rendering audio tracks
  000341911 MLTcrashnew2014-12-21When using the Crop tool Kdenlive Crashes
  000340584 File Loadingcrashresolved2014-12-18Crash on add clip
  000337964 Effectsminornew2014-12-17keyframe data in .mlt file from alpha shapes not synced when used as input to "create region"
  000341721 Renderingminornew2014-12-16Queued videos render with wrong profile when switching projects
  00034143   File Loadingcrashresolved2014-12-14Kdenlive crashes when adding an MTS clip
  00034161   Renderingcrashfeedback2014-12-14Rendering with any audio tracks crashes
  00033682   Effectscrashresolved2014-12-14Application crashes when using Rotate effect
  00033707   Effectscrashresolved (sunab)2014-12-14Application crashes when using Rotate effect
  000280911 Renderingtrivialresolved (j-b-m)2014-12-14No procesa los clip de titulos.
  000259219   Renderingmajorassigned (vpinon)2014-12-14Rendering halts without errors upon encountering title clip
  00029953   Renderingmajorresolved2014-12-14Rendering stops just before the first title appears
  000340731 File Loadingminorfeedback2014-12-14Cannot add clips when project is on USB drive /media/user/kdenlive
  00034116   Renderingcrashresolved2014-12-14Consisten 100% system utilization and crash on render
  00032202   Effectscrashresolved2014-12-14Bluescreen+key spill mop up crash
  000341211 User Interfacecrashresolved2014-12-14Kdenlive does not start, just crashes after last update
  00034132   Renderingminorresolved2014-12-14Fixed the problem of no audio is rendered while rendering videos with Kdenlive
  000340883 User Interfacecrashresolved2014-12-12kdenlive crashes when selecting a clip in timeline
  0002892112 File Loadingcrashresolved (j-b-m)2014-12-12Constant segfaults and crashing with todays (24th Dec) sunab 'unstable' build
  000321519   User Interfacecrashresolved (eddrog)2014-12-11Kdenlive locks up when using ShuttlePRO v2 jog dial
  000227311   User Interfaceminorresolved (eddrog)2014-12-11Contour Shuttlexpress buttons trigger actions twice
  00031602   File Loadingmajorresolved (ttguy)2014-12-11Backups do not exist unless project has been saved once
  00018975   User Interfacefeatureacknowledged (vpinon)2014-12-10Multi-camera mode
  000324142 User Interfacefeatureresolved (vpinon)2014-12-10Limited timeline tracks height
  00019412   User Interfacefeatureacknowledged (vpinon)2014-12-10Replace Clips in Project Tree
  00032622   User Interfaceminorresolved2014-12-10No effect from "Do not ask again" checkbox in "Delete Clip" messagebox
  00033031   Renderingfeatureresolved (vpinon)2014-12-10Notification when rendering is complete
  00012882   File Loadingfeatureresolved (vpinon)2014-12-10Feature Request: Adding a folder to the project tree
  00020634   Capturefeatureacknowledged2014-12-04allow direct recording of audio to video
  00033381   User Interfaceminorresolved (vpinon)2014-12-04Import keyframes from clip does not work
  00034103   Renderingminorresolved2014-12-04Titles not rendered
  000340411 File Loadingcrashresolved (ttguy)2014-11-29crash on Add Clip
  000132122 Transitionsmajornew2014-11-29changing project fps from 30 to 60 corrupted transitions
  00034061   Captureminornew2014-11-24Webcam doesn't show up under capture device within config wizard
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