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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00015121   User Interfaceminoracknowledged2010-05-19Titler timecode duration does not drop frames when creating titles in drop frame projects
  0001593    User Interfacefeaturenew2010-05-17Request: Split stereo audio in two independents tracks
  0001602    Transitionsmajornew2010-05-17Composite clip with clip already having composite breaks composite.
  0001596 1 User Interfacemajornew2010-05-13Audio partially disappears
  00015682   User Interfacefeaturefeedback2010-05-11Idea: Track folders
  0001591    Renderingminornew2010-05-10Empty Video Track after rendering WMV Video
  0001585    Effectsfeaturenew2010-05-05Fade to/from black - Add white and other colours.
  0001518    Effectsfeaturenew2010-05-04Fade to/from Black effect does not produce interlaced fade.
  00015513   MLTmajoracknowledged2010-05-04Audio desynchronizes when "Crop From Start" is used
  0001577    MLTfeaturenew2010-05-03Push duration move
  0001574    User Interfacetweaknew2010-05-03Timeline position bar can not be placed at end of last clip.
  00015232   Renderingmajornew2010-05-01Video clips stuck at the end of each clip when rendering in Pal HD
  00015671   Renderingfeaturenew2010-05-01Number if threads used is a pain to update.
  0001566    User Interfacefeaturenew2010-04-26Would like to be able to set clip monitor to fixed sizes.
  00003822   User Interfacefeatureacknowledged2010-04-10manually setting the volume for audio filter - volume
  00003187   User Interfacefeatureacknowledged2010-04-10"Fix" button for allowing user access to capture device /dev/raw1394 or whatever?
  00000922   User Interfaceminoracknowledged2010-04-08Bug report deliver from 'kdenlive' "help->report bug" failed
  000154441 User Interfaceminorassigned (j-b-m)2010-04-07clips at the time line loose their origin after moving
  00015432   Renderingminorassigned (j-b-m)2010-04-06Simultaneous rendering and working on another project modifies rendered project
  00011512   File Loadingcrashassigned (xzhayon)2010-04-01Crashing on project load
  00015368   Renderingfeaturenew2010-03-31Rendering autosave and recovery
  00013752   Effectsfeaturenew2010-03-30Wish: plugin for 3D Video/rendering
  000153052 Transitionsmajorassigned (j-b-m)2010-03-26faulty red rectangle positions saved with Composite transition
  0001517151 Renderingcrashassigned (j-b-m)2010-03-25Crashes when I try to generate a title clip
  000033614   Effectsfeaturefeedback2010-03-23Keyframe for Every Video and Audio Effect variable in the effects stack
  00003971   User Interfacefeatureacknowledged2010-03-21Difficult to select keyframes for volume-effect
  00002895   MLTfeatureacknowledged2010-03-21Feature request : MLT and kdenlive support for keyframes, as independant objects
  00015241   Build Systemcrashfeedback (j-b-m)2010-03-21always crash
  00015211   Transitionsminorfeedback (j-b-m)2010-03-21Timeline jumps to the start when Composite transition's timeline is changed
  0001522    Transitionstweaknew2010-03-21Composite transition keyframes are not relative but absolute
  0001514    File Loadingminornew2010-03-16kdenlive does not detect or import timecode of video clips.
  0001513    User Interfaceminornew2010-03-16Ability to set start timecode value for sequence.
  0001510    User Interfacefeaturenew2010-03-16Drop Frame on/off option needed for NTSC projects
  000149834 Transitionsminorassigned (j-b-m)2010-03-11SVG files: incorrect alignment for composite effect
  000143961 Renderingcrashnew2010-03-08rendering crashed
  0001491    User Interfacefeaturenew2010-03-07not saving layout spanned over multiple monitors
  0001486    Renderingminornew2010-03-07Export silently fails to render video.
  0001484 1 Transitionsmajornew2010-03-07Effect stacking broken
  0001476    Effectsfeaturenew2010-03-05Wish to be able to write custom-gui plugins
  0001475    Translationminornew2010-03-05Effect Box Blur - "Kernel size"; effect Charcoal - "Mix"
  00014415   File Loadingcrashnew2010-03-04crash open project with other profile
  0001472    File Loadingminornew2010-03-04Title editor --> normal - demi-bold - bold - black , KDElibs 4.3.2 to KDElibs 4.4
  00014691   Capturefeaturenew2010-02-27Support DVD cameras and cut/capture of chapters
  000145952 User Interfacemajorassigned (j-b-m)2010-02-25Clips can not (longer) be cut
  00014422   Effectscrashnew2010-02-17Crash upon adding custom effect
  000144011 Renderingcrashfeedback2010-02-17Rendering crashes (Kdenlive doesn't crash)
  000142421 MLTcrashacknowledged2010-02-09Crash when adding a clip into the timeline
  00013661   User Interfaceminoracknowledged2010-02-09Insert rectangle in the title clip mode does not always work
  00004332   Effectsfeatureacknowledged2010-02-04Is it possible to realise audio crossfade for all transition by default?
  00002618   User Interfacefeatureacknowledged2010-02-04Composite transition should default to a crossfade
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